This tank was under the radar for me since I tend to really hate ‘muscle tank’ style sleeves on me. I find they are too masculine looking on my athletic shape. I’ve been hearing some buzz on Facebook about this style though and after seeing 3 fit reviews of it I had to run to my store to try it on. My store was already sold out of my regular size 10 but I had read that this is a size down style so I gave the 8 a shot. It is so flattering!!! The sleeves are not cut low or cut too sharply into the chest and the crew neck isn’t too high. I find it really flattering over a larger bust (which I suppose I am at 34DD? but I’m also pretty small busted…I dunno). I find it really accentuates the bust shape while providing a lot of coverage, and then the length is really flattering and  a loose not quite tunic shape. Definitely try this one on if you are in store. This is not something I’d wear to the gym at all both because it’s cotton but also because it’s such a sophisticated cut. I would wear this with a really cute pair of slim jeans and boots. 

** I dug up my camera yesterday and charged it up, but would you believe I forgot it at home? This is why the camera system is going to take some getting used to. 

Muscle Swing Tank

FYI, Joe Fresh also has a tank similar to this style. 

Tulip Hem Tank

  1. Oh wow, I didn't think this item would be a hit at all! Not at $54 for such a plain tank! I'll have to check it out. What I love about a lot of Lulu pieces is it looks simple but it's really flattering and makes it look like you just 'naturally' look that effortlessly nice if that makes sense. 😀 Same goes with flattering clothing pieces from any brand.

  2. I love this tank! I tried it on in the store out of curiously and had to get it. I sized down as well. I liked it because I am tall and it fit me well. Agree, not a gym tank and more for casual wear. I got it in black and if it comes in more colors (Alberta Lake would be great) I will get another one.

  3. I got this tank in black in my usual 12 but I think it would've be better in my size down because it was very long on me! I really liked it but returned it because of the price :S too much for a tee

  4. I feel the same way about my bust size as you do about yours, Lulumum. I'm a 32E, which sounds like it should be large… but I really don't think so… just looks average to me…

  5. Off topic, but I wonder what the chances are of there being a True Red Define Jacket coming? I really like the True Red colour of my CRB II and headband (looks really nice in Luon fabric) and was hoping for a Define as well… not sure if I should be holding my breath or not since it looks like a bunch of new colours are being introduced now… I guess maybe I shouldn't be disappointed seeing as though the Defines are now a ridiculous $128 (around $150 after taxes for me), but I would have made an exception for a True Red one.

  6. Of all brands, under armour made a very similar muscle tank last fall for their short-lived dance line, back when Gisele Budchen was one of their brand ambassadors…I just scored one in black and another in white from Marshalls…it's a light cotton/spandex blend from their Heatgear line. Love it because there is no obnoxious logo and I can wear it for dance class and it's looks edgy but simple.

    1. Their Headgear line is one of their technical lines. And It will likely last thru dozens of washes, given my experience with that fabric. Is just happens to have some cotton in it, but it's super breathable and best of all, NOT shiny. (not that I mind shiny materials. Just some days, you feel like wearing a matte fabric.) Also, you can usually often get it on sale for less than $30.

  7. The Lulu tank and the Joe Fresh tank look very similar, except for the bottom hemline. I very much prefer the bottom hemline and tulip detail on the Joe Fresh one, it gives it a really pretty feminine look. The Lulu one is very plain making it more masculine looking. Also prefer the price of the Joe Fresh tank as well… regardless how much disposable income, it just does not make sense to spend more just because it is Lululemon. Thanks for posting this Joe Fresh tank, Lulumum! I am going to have to give it a try… I see they have it in a gorgeous teal colour… and at this price I could get all the colours (or a back up in same colour) for the same price as just one of the Lulu ones!

    1. I love the Joe Fresh one too! actually I like it better than the lulu one. like you said, love the tulip details hemline. need to look for it asap.

    2. Thank you so much for the comparison!!! I actually have the Joe Fresh tulip tank in Black for over a year now. I find it very flattering, has held shape very well, no pilling or fading. I pair it with my wunder under crops and find the look to be dressier. The material is 100% rayon and doesn't really wrinkle. I just went and grabbed the teal color (not far off at all from Alberta Lake!!) I mean come on for $16 bucks!

    3. Does anyone know how the sizing for Joe Fresh compares to LLL? I am contemplating the Tuplip tank but unsure of sizing. I would normally take an 8 (sometimes a 10) in LLL so what size would that correspond to in Joe Fresh? Thanks!

    4. where do they sell it? is it at superstore or do you need to go to one of their joe fresh stores?

      I am a size 6 in lulu tops and I always buy size Small for joe fresh (at least in their tanks, similar style to CRB). I would say go with a Medium (unless you like looser fits, then probably a Large will do).

    5. Ok ladies, I’m reporting back (I’m the person who asked if they have the tulip tank at superstore). Yes, they do. My store (SW Marine Dr in Vancouver) is selling all 4 colors. Yes, I bought all 4! Lol If you go to this store look around as not all colors are in one place. You need to browse until you find all 4.
      A little fit review:
      I am a size 6 for pretty much all lulu tops. In the tulip tank I had to size down and I got the XS! So beware that you need to size down if you like your tank to be fit. I could go for Small but the fit would have been too loose for my liking.
      Also, this tank is long! I am tall and this tank felt long even for me.
      The tank would look fantastic if you wear it with skinny jeans, boots and a long necklace hanging on top of it. I can picture the look in my head lol
      So anyways, for $71.68 (BC taxes included) I was able to buy all 4 colors (I’ll decide later if I keep them all).

      p.s. for the lady that asked what size to get. Since you are an 8 (sometimes 10) I would say either a Small or probably the best a Medium. Large size will be way too large I think.

      A big thank you to Lulumum for recommending this tank!!

    6. Yay! Thanks so much for the fit review anon 12:16 PM (from anon 6:58 AM)! I have a superstore near me, so am going to be sure to get in there asap and give them a try! The teal looks so pretty on screen, just like Alberta Lake, like a previous poster noted! Glad you found them! Also thank you anon 9:44, for your input as well!

    7. Ooh, thanks anon 9:44 I just called my lob laws and they have it so I am going to go try it in tonight (if I have time) or tomorrow night for sure. You can order it online but I want to try it on in person. In pictures I like the hem detail better than the LLL and of course the price….

    8. Anon 9:44 here and I am an 8 in lulu loose fitting tops and a 10 in all things fitted. I wear a medium in this and find the fit to be perfect. If I size down to a small (even a 6 in Lulu I find it the fit never sits right). And yes, you can pick up Joe Fresh at any Loblaws store you have near you. Oh and I also picked up the boyfriend long sleeve for $19 in black. Looking for a better substitute to the Locarno long sleeve and this is really nice. Not sheer at all and comes in a variety of colors. No Joe Fresh Logo visible as with the Tulip tank so none the wiser on brands. But to pay $84 just for lulu is crazy (and believe me I LOVE lulu clothing and it is pretty much my staple everyday!)

    9. for those who already washed the joe fresh tulip tank. did it shrink?? I am not sure if I should buy the one that fits me perfectly or if I should size up in case it shrinks.

    10. Thanks for your fit review and store report!!! I just checked the Superstore at Lougheed in Coquitlam and they had the teal one. Size L was what I grabbed and it was looser fitting than the lulu 10 but preferred that since it's Rayon and may shrink.

    11. it does, thank you! I also always cold wash in machine then hang dry pretty much all my clothes (saves so much energy! which equates more money to buy more clothes lol)

  8. I'm the same as you Lulumum I usually avoid muscle tanks because with an athletic build I try to opt for more feminine silhouettes but this tee caught my eye as well. I noticed some of the pictures showed the ladies tying the bottom in a knot on the side or back – that's not really my style so if it doesn't flatter me when it arrives, back it goes. The tulip bottom of the other is nice too, but a different look. Just depends on what you're going for.

  9. I've seen this tank and avoided because of the price tag and also didn't think it would suite my body. But my body is kinda the opposite of your Lulumum, I'm hourglass, tall-ish, small waist, really big boobs lol! I will try it at my local Lulu as you have sparked my interest. I do wish it came in some fun colours too 🙁

  10. Off topic also, but does anyone know what time wmtm drops these days? I thought it was Thursday mornings but not seeing it. I'm loving this 'new' lulu. I used to stalk the website always. Now I'm just down to wmtm check-ins which hopefully will be eliminated at some point by the lousy 'sale' prices they have but so far I still like to keep my eye on it 🙂 I'd love to save more money but so far sephora has taken over from my lulu spending.

    1. I only got a cool racerback (the original one). I bought the same color at full price about a week ago. so I got the MD and will return the full priced one (still with tags, unworn). I was actually hoping this will happen when I bought the full priced one.

  11. LLL does not have any perspective and wonders how customers think they are repetitive and not innovative.

    What is the point, in particular, of the newly released WU in Deep Fuschia?
    WU Pant iii Full-On Luon, Deep Fuschia $98
    Another new colour: Chilled Grape (e.g. Outrun Tight $128)

    What is the point of producing more articles in colours along these lines? When, on WMTM (Canada), MOST sizes available:
    WU Pant iii Full-On Luon, Jewelled Magenta $79
    WU High Rise Full-On Luon, Regal Plum, $69
    WU Pant iii reversible, Boom Juice/Red Grape, $84
    All the Right Places Pant, Jewelled Magenta, $99
    All the Right Places Crop ii, Regal Plum and Boom Juice, $79
    Making Moves Tight, Regal Plum, $79

    I assure you, I don’t have time on my hands and honestly, I really don’t care. It took me no time at all to see this pattern. Can you tell I’m an analyst? 😉

    Don’t get me started on tops in too similar colours and styles, haha.

    @Anon 9:23 AM, it just went up for Canada, although when you click on an item some of the colour versions are not actually there. I'm with you on the lousy wmtm prices. Has curbed my LLL spending there, too.

    1. Ha ha! Just saw it too! Yeah, those prices?!?!? I am easily swayed by sales and do know that about myself but lulu 'sale' prices do nothing for me anymore.

  12. yeah, WMTM has been a snoozefest lately. there are tons of items in there and nothing to spark my interest to buy.
    I agree, tons of sizes available and hard to tell which one is which because they all look the same and come in similar colors.

  13. you know, I used to think Lulu fans are the craziest when it comes to lining up overnight to get a good deal at seawheeze. well, check out twitter pics for Aritzia warehouse sale at Vancouver convention Centre. the line it is huge!!

  14. I've had stuff in my cart for months that clearly isn't selling yet never ends up on WMTM. I don't get it. Not like a $7 discount is going to get me to buy something, but it shouldn't take this long for certain things to go to markdown while others seem to end up there after two weeks.

    I wish they'd replenish the regular CRB. Wanted to restock on basic colors but of course they are sold out in my size. Only LLL would make it impossible to spend money on products their customers actually want while rolling out duds over and over again.

    1. I know what you mean. I think this is their strategy, get rid of the loved items and then force customers to buy what the company wants us to buy.
      I honestly don't think we are going to see any new colors in the original CRB. they want to promote the CRB II and they won't jeopardize the sales by releasing new colors for the original CRB. I hate what they are doing and I refuse to let myself be manipulated like this.

    2. There is nothing on WMTM that temps me to buy and the markdown prices are a joke. Their prices do not say hey customers we have a great deal for you, it's more like they are trying to squeeze out as many dollars as they can on each piece. Items can sit in WMTM for weeks before they get a further reduction if any.

      As for the CRB I agree that they won't pay it any attention with new great colours to compete with the ll. I got a good look at the CRBll and was disgusted by the shoddy workmanship on those seams on the inside of the racerback and neckline, just horrible.

  15. I was just at the outlet today and it's been full of the same stuff at the same "discount" prices for over a year!! I saw a jacket there that I thought was kind of cute, but it was only $40 off (originally $178 down to $138). So I came home to look up reviews….the jacket was released in January of 2014.

    I think some of that stuff will be there forever.

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