Get It Om Bra Mini Paint Storm Espresso

Loving this print. Hope we see a Cool Racerback in it. 

Wunder Under Pant High Rise

Free To Be Bra

Love Tee II

Be Present Jacket Tofino Teal

Define Jacket Heathered Herringbone Heathered Black White

I have a ‘white’ ghost herringbone Define Jacket in my closet that is just gorgeous but I never wear it. It’s actually NWT’s. I think I don’t wear it because it’s a little snug but this one reminds me to try it on again and reassess. 

  1. I am currently pretty disappointed in how Lululemon has chose to deal with the current Canada Post strike/lockout situation. My Lululemon orders have always been shipped to me by Canada Post. Last week I called to ask about what to do about placing an order during this time. I was given two options, one was to wait until after the Canada Post strike/lockout to place an order (poor response imo) or enter another address that I can have my order delivered to that they ship Fedx to such as a workplace, etc. I then asked if I could have the order I wanted to place shipped to me via FedEx to my usual address (my house), and mentioned that FedEx has delivered to my house many times in the past from other companies (and UPS and Purolator as well), and I was told no, they can't change it for me and that I'd have to wait to make an order until after the strike/lockout if I didn't have another delivery address to enter that they could ship to via FedEx. The woman I was talking with didn't even check into it (confirm if they could use my usual home address with FedEx) for me, she just said no it isn't possible for me to order unless I enter a new address that they ship FedEx to and then said I know it sucks but nothing else they can do. Actually, I'm a little more than disappointed, I'm kind of ticked off. I don't think this is good business practice at all. Sorry for off topic but curious if anyone else has been told this as well or was the person I spoke with just not willing to look into it for me? I don't see how it could be an issue when they have delivered to my house before, it isn't like I'm in an area they can't get to. It's almost like they're just not willing to put in the extra bit of time and work necessary to make it happen, grr… Maybe customer service just isn't a priority at Lululemon…

    1. Sorry for ranting on your blog, Lulumum, and everyone reading. I had to get that out, and feel like it's important for other customers to know about as well.

    2. My Lulu parcels are usually shipped Canada Post. I had an order that Lulu said was shipped by CP, but when I checked tracking the order was never picked up by CP. I called Lulu. I was told that the warehouse was intervening and shipping all CP orders by Fedex. The educator tried my CP reference number on the Fedex tracking site and they did have my parcel. It was delivered in 4 days by fedex compared to the 7 days by CP. I wish Lulu would use Fedex for all my parcels.

    3. I was told the same thing and told them the same. It's crazy IMHO. If it helps you can call stores and have them ship to you free of charge and they use UPS. Hope this helps

    4. Thank you, Lulumum! It looks like I must have been speaking with someone who wasn't sure what is going on, going by both anon 10:22 AM and Stephanie's comments. Thanks so much to both for commenting, and glad to hear you both received your orders! I think I'll go ahead and place my order if this is indeed the case!

    5. …or maybe not!!! Just noticed anon 1:25 PM's comment now! I think I'll call again just to double check and go from there. Thank you for commenting anon 1:25!

    6. No worries at all about discussing it here. That is what the comment section is here for.
      That is really terrible customer service and I hope that the issues is that you got an educator that didn't know the policy. I had heard that they were in fact providing Fedex deliveries for some locations that are usually serviced by Canada Post if Fedex is able to travel to that location which is the case for 80% of their CP deliveries. Either they are handling this CP strike in a very backwards way in not servicing their customers, or they are not properly updating their GEC staff as to the new procedures. Either way, I agree with you 100% that that is terrible customer service and indicative of how much they value their Canadian customers.

  2. I love the Mini Paint Storm Espresso print, too! I'd like a bra or tank in that print, maybe even pants but I know I'll have to pick just one.

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