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Sun Runner Crop, Trapeze Twist Tank, Tight Stuff Tight, Fast Lane Singlet, Sunaway Runaway LS

June 22, 2016

Sun Runner Crop

Sunaway Runaway Long Sleeve, Speed Short

Trapeze Twist Tank, Tight Stuff Tight

Tight Stuff Tight, Sunaway Runaway 1/2 Zip

Fast Lane Singlet, Sunaway Runaway LS

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18 responses to “Sun Runner Crop, Trapeze Twist Tank, Tight Stuff Tight, Fast Lane Singlet, Sunaway Runaway LS”

  1. Jenny Lee says:

    Great pics! Makes me want all of this now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, off topic… but just ordered the Hero Blue CRB – it's almost all sold out, there are only two sizes left! If you've been thinking about ordering this one but was holding out (like I was) sizes 2 and 4 are still there as of right now. Also ordered the Cyber Stripe Jungle Green/Hero Blue Define Jacket from WMTM and the Deep Zinfandel Groove Pants III from WMTM, I've had my eye on these two things as well and thought I may as well go ahead and pull the trigger! I'm thinking the Hero Blue CRB and Jungle Green/Hero Blue Cyber Stripe Define will look nice together. Really hope this Define isn't a weirdly sized one, I know sometimes different textures fit different than the usual Luon ones. Does anyone have this one and can comment (please and thank you)?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know everyone is saying the Boom Juice tie dye crops remind them of Dexter… I quite like them, but Dexter wasn't my first thought looking at them, I just thought nice summery colour and print, haha!

  4. Lulumum says:

    They are actually nice and vibrant, I just have a sick mind and can't not see dexter with this print on me.

  5. janine57 says:

    I like the boom juice tie dye print too it's so pretty! Doesn't remind me of blood as I've seen too much of the real thing at work and it's darker more bluefish red! Tmi I know!! Too much I'm liking love boom juice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was a few hours late getting the chance to check out WMTM today and somehow feel like I've missed out on some goodies today… I was sure there were a lot more Swiftly Short Sleeves available the other day, and now there are a lot less, but I only saw the Regal Plum and the Pink Paradise ones on WMTM… oh well, it's probably for the best if I missed a couple anyway…

    I was lucky enough to get the Pink Paradise one that I've had my eyes on (only $10 cheaper but better than nothing). I also got the pretty new Swiftly Long Sleeve in the palm print Flash Light colour (super pretty, really love my one like this in Bali Breeze!), I'm guessing this one must have been in a late shipment or something (again, not much of a sale price, only $8 off but better than nothing, and I would have ordered this one anyway if it had of been uploaded regularly (really love all shades of pinky peachy coral type colours!). Got the pretty Pipe Dream Blue/White tie dye Swiftly Short Sleeve last week, it's been around for a while but after getting my Pipe Dream Blue CRB I fell in love with the colour and had to order the Swiftly too and glad I did – it's a pretty one! Would have been upset if it had of went to WMTM today right after just getting it though! Anyway, I've spent so much this week (most of it on WMTM orders, two this week!) I'm scared there will be a ton of new stuff coming that I'll be convinced I have to have!!! Seriously though, I've been waiting for most stuff to make it to WMTM since after Christmas time and have been getting lucky (even if the sale prices are only more like what the regular price should be… at least I'm not paying the crazy high prices).

    Hope everyone is finding some goodies from WMTM too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, sorry for rambling everyone!

    • lulubell says:

      I only saw the two SS swiftlys this morning (regal plum & pink paradise in the rose print) and I checked it early. So, I don't think you missed any other colors.

      I have been doing the same. Prices are high enough now, that I've found if I wait long enough, it will pop up on WMTM or at the outlet eventually. I only buy stuff at full price that I absolutely have to have, which has ended up not being that many things. I'm not feeling the colorways lately.

  7. BIA says:

    Has anyone seen the mini ripple Reach the Beach shorts in stores? Sold out online and I waited too long! I want them!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don't get the appeal of the tie dye crops or the actual print at all. They are hideous to me. The mesh makes them even worse.

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