1. I quite like the look of the energy bra h2o in this ocean print. I don't need any more swim tops though nor the high support. If it came out in a free to be h2o, I'd love it more.

  2. the new cycling capsule is a complete disaster! The shorts are unflattering and the length is weird. I am 5'8" with a very slim/lean athletic body. I have super long thin and toned legs from many years of running and cycling (and partly because this is the way I am built). Even on me these shorts made my thighs look like sausages. The bib is so uncomfortable (the halter style) for a ride and the jersey is $138+tax boring and nothing special. I am cyclist and compete twice a year. I am also a lover and "collector" of Lululemon clothes. I was so excited when I saw this capsule and ordered ALL of them. I am mailing them all back Monday. I wonder if Lululemon did any kind of beta testing or consulted real cyclists when they made these. What a disaster. Their first Women's "Specialized Team" Capsule was stunning. The bib, short and long sleeve jerseys, wind vest and wind jacket were incredible design and quality. They were all made in Italy with superb professional racer quality fabric. The Lululemon Sponsored Women's team raced and trained in these. Ever since they stopped with the sponsor, their cycling capsule has failed me many times. I learned my lesson and now return what doesn't feel comfortable and if they look like crap. I never take the tags off. Even if I don't wear the items but the tags are off, I will get the looks and bad attitude from the sales people at Lululemon like I have two heads. It's not worth it.

    1. Wow that does sound like a disaster of a collection. Thanks so much for sharing! I was interested as to whether the pieces performed.

    2. Hi lulumum, cycling is very time consuming. I'm out training for 3+ hours when I'm on the bike. On top of that, I strength train , do yoga, and run and swim. I'm married and have 3 young kids. I feel completely overwhelmed. However, my husband and I take turns with the kids. It's hard and sometimes impossible to juggle family life, sleep, work , and training. Sigh.

    3. I've heard bad feedback on it just like yours so I'm glad i didn't order the jersey. I really like the look of the Jersey but hate that these are so tight fitting at the band. It makes it impossible for a TTS 10 to size up because they don't come in larger sizes. I'm not a cyclist but I've tried getting into it with my dad who is an novice cyclist. I really like the sport it just totally does not fit into my lifestyle. It's a bucket list activity for me though for the future if I ever have to give up Olympic lifting and crossfit.

    4. Thanks so much for the reviews. I wondered when I saw a cyclist review some pieces and somebody stated the bibs were so cute and I saw they were sold out! Halter seems very uncomfortable on bibs can't imagine! All the shorts/bibs looked really long also. I recently bought stuff from Betty Designs it's bada$$!

    5. Hi Janine, I love Betty Design and own several outfits and bibs. Stunning design and perfect shorts and Bib length.

    6. Just checking out Betty Designs website now! Looks fun! Thanks for mentioning it here, never heard of it before!

  3. I was just looking on the Canadian website for crops, but the crop situation looks sad. Not much choice for styles at all and in what there is to pick from there isn't much choice in colours. Honestly don't like a lot of the styles available (not a fan of all the mesh and prefer more classic/basic pieces). My go to crops have always been classic Wunder Unders with the regular classic waistband but doesn't seem to be hardly any choices.

    Also, can anyone recommend a crop that would be good for casual bike rides? Hoping to add some fun bike rides into my routine this summer. Will Luon crops be ok for this purpose or should I be looking for Luxtreme crops? I guess my main concern is wear and tear on the Luon if used for bike rides. Almost all my Lulu bottoms are Luon and used for yoga and other general fitness activities and I prefer this material. I do have a couple pairs of Luxtreme crops from over 5 years ago that I like (but still prefer my Luon ones) but there doesn't seem to be anything similar to choose from now. Thanks in advance to anyone who can comment.

  4. Lulumum, I have an unrelated question about scuba III colors. I own the heathered bark berry and have fallen in love with it. I am looking at buying a blue color on evil-bay but I did not get to try any of these on. Just want your opinion if you got to see try them on or others… Heathered sapphire blue, lakeside denim hero blue and double dot. Thank you!!

    1. I can help with this! I have a love/hate relationship with scuba iii. The fit/softness varies so much between fabrics & colors. The heathered sapphire blue is soft, comfy and stretchy. It is easy to layer over things in my TTS 4 (I wore a 6 in the scuba ii). I have the lakeside denim hero blue also – the colors are gorgeous and I kept it, however it is not stretchy and a little tight in the shoulders. I can really only wear it over short sleeves or a tank. It does look great on, though. With that knowledge, I purchased the double dot in a size up (6). It was also un-stretchy. It seemed too big and unflattering (although I liked the color). So, for me the solid colors (I also have heathered lullaby & deep camo), are super soft and lovely. The prints and non-solids are stiff with little to no give (and sizing up just made them stiff and baggy). I still liked them, but I am more limited with how I wear them.

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