Restore SS – Black TTS 10, Rugged Blue sized down to an 8

I am in LOVE with this new Restore SS tee. It reminds me of the old Batwing Tee from around 2010 which I missed out on and regretted, but I think this version is way nicer. It’s a kimono style tee shirt that is very long and sort of fitted over the hips, but blousy in the chest with a butterfly sleeve. I love that it’s made of Modal as I find it softer and cooler with a much nicer drape than regular Pima cotton.  It’s actually a blend of 50% Modal and 50% Pima cotton. Both my size and my size down fit well but I left with my TTS. If my size was sold out I wouldn’t even hesitate getting the size down. This tee comes in black, rugged blue and white. 

Sun Runner Crop TTS 10

These Sun Runner Crops are made of the same lovely printed Full On Luxtreme as the Pop Cut Pace Rivals and the new Speed Wunder Tights. It’s backed in white but something abut the way the material is treated makes it matter finish with very good opacity. When stretched, the print does fade to white but the white backing is opaque. I find this material cooler than the old Full On Luxtreme and much nicer. I definitely intend on buying a pair of printed bottoms in the future in Full On Lux. 

The print on these are something else though. I don’t think I’ve ever tried on a print that felt more ‘out there’ than these. The boom juice tie dye just doesn’t appeal to me on bottoms, especially when backed in white. It just read ‘lady accident!!!’ everytime I glanced at the print in the mirror. Fit was a snug TTS. 

Hero Blue Pace Rival Crops TTS 10

OMG. Hero Blue Pace Rivals. These were so, so nice. I found them slimming and flattering and I loved that they are all solid hero blue. They were opaque and comfortable and if I hadn’t just gotten the Tofino Teal Pace Rival Crops I would have gotten these. 

Sunshine Salutation Tank TTS 10

I’m really liking that Lululemon is putting out so many singlets in this ‘sweat wicking fabric’. These have become my ‘go to’ over Cool Racerbacks. I know a lot of you are tired of all the excess mesh and will hate that this one is backed entirely in mesh but I find it very cool for sweety workouts. I don’t want ALL of my singlets to be sexy meshed panelled but I do appreciate having one or two. That being said, I prefer my Fast Lane Singlet to this one even though I had to size up in the Fast Lane. I don’t love the print of this one and it wasn’t special enough to feel tempted by it.  

Hero Blue Cool Racerback

I know a lot of you really wanted a solid hero blue Cool Racerback after they where disappointed in the Exhale Cool Racerback in this color. I personally really liked the Exhale and found the front seams really slimming but for those of you that felt you missed out on Hero Blue, here it is in a regular version. This one wasn’t thick but it also wasn’t thin and sheer. 

Take Ten Hoodie TTS 10

This hoodie is so ridiculously soft on the inside. The inner material is a really nice loose knit. I’m confused about the fabric description online though and I wish I’d taken a look at the rip tag. Online it says it’s ‘Super Naturals Performance Fabric’ so I assume it’s a cotton/modal blended with polyester to make it sweat wicking. I grabbed the red because I think that was the popular choice with the last upload but I was actually gravitating to the Battleship Grey one on the rack. This was a loose, relaxed fitting TTS. 

New Vinyasa

  1. lol, lulumum. "Lady accident" with regards to the boom juice print. So true! Whoever designed/approved them must've been a guy.

  2. Wow! Lots of new stuff coming! Thanks for the store report and try on reviews! As always, everything looks so good on you, especially loving the top in the first set of photos, Hero Blue crops and Rosewood hoodie on you. I'm one of the ones who isn't a fan of mesh, but that's just personally, I think the mesh backed tank looks great on you, Lulumum. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a Hero Blue CRB in my size from Canadian upload tomorrow, fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks! Yes I had to buy the tee shirt. Loved it so much.
      There are quite a few of you that hate all the mesh. lol! Anytime a tank with mesh comes up there is a lot of commentary on it. I totally agree with you though, you only need one or two items in it and then it gets to be really much. I like the tank I have with mesh because it's covered on the bottom half of the back, and exposed upper. This one is too much mesh in the back I think. For me at least.

  3. Love that Restore SS, I got something similar from Nike 3 years ago and love it. I'm hoping Lulus version is nicer, mine is a touch thicker than I would like. Thanks for posting!

  4. I don't mind the boom juice print except that it looks faded a but when on and I hate that!! That restore tshirt looks great on you ! $68 is kinda ridic tho. Thanks for the reviews you look cute in everything.

    I should mention the computer locator thing is wrong. I wanted the silver spoon Palm pace rival tights they were out in my size country wide! I went into my store to see if a4 or 8 would fit and they had 2 in my size. Just wanted to let everyone know. That was the only feature of the new website I liked.

  5. Oooh those pace rivals! The vinyasa looks like the braided headband scarf melted onto a vinyasa 😛 it looks like it could be really cute but not for $68! That's $20 more than the regular scarf. I'll have to try on the Restore SS if you love it!
    I don't always like mesh but I do like that tank with the mesh back.

  6. Thank you for modelling the goodies, this is really helpful. I guess I wore too much tie-dye "back in the days" to be excited by it now, although I must confess those pinkish crops took my breath away (and not in a good way). I love, love, love mesh, and keep buying workout clothes made with it.
    I also enjoy your reports/blogs about everything non-LLL, so please keep it up. I already learned an awful lot and appreciate that you are sharing your experiences with us.

    1. Thanks so much! I have a few none lululemon post ideas. Hopefully a beauty product post within the next few days.

      I was looking at the picture of those crops again this evening and I've decided to rename them the Dexter crops. I think that is why they so disturbed me earlier.

  7. I'm really interested in the sunshine salutation tank (once it comes out in more than just white and whatever that pattern you tried on is called). Would you recommend that we stay TTS? It looks great on you by the way, I'm really hoping we get it in a nicer pattern, or I'd even be fine with black or charcoal grey (or fatigue or whatever) – I just want one I can wear with everything!

  8. Lulumum, I wore my Restore ss today and noticed it lost its shape and stretched out as the day progressed. Did you experience this as well? I bought tts.

    1. Oh no! That is terrible news. I wonder if they will return it for you. I'll check what the lycra content is. Maybe it's less than usual and that is why it stretched out. I haven't worn mine yet but was planning on keeping it.

  9. how tall are you? i like the length of the Sun Runner Crop on you! i'm 5'2" and i'll totally get these if they hit mid-calf rather than just below-knee.

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