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Website Complaining and Run With The Sun Tight Pretty Lace Deep Coal Black

May 25, 2016

This one specific product has been the biggest pet peeve of mine of the new website design. I saw a try on photo of these pants in this colorway in one of the Facebook groups yesterday and thought the lace detailing and the printed overlay mesh was really pretty and special. The upload happened and as you can see from the two last photos in this post, the website failed miserably at displaying the most essential details. If you had not seen the try on photo in the Facebook group you would have no idea the detailing on these pants are so pretty. The try on photo was likely taken with a smartphone. Not only that but the one photo that is slightly zoomed in gets cut off by the banner. The image is so large you cannot see the entire image on the screen, you have to keep scrolling and scrolling to see one detailed image.  I hate that you have to first view a ghost modeless image of the product and then click on it to further see an informative product shot only to be disappointed that you don’t see any detail or the entire image on one full screen. Dear digital media department, please pay attention to this major flaw. It’s a huge issue with displaying your product and an even bigger reason why store photos (thanks to the lovely lululemon educators that participate) are so essential. 

Run With The Sun Tight Pretty Lace Deep Coal Black

I really love the printed panels and printed mesh on these. I wish the cropped version of these pants had this feature. 

Main website image for these pants after you click on the ghost image thumbnail. You can barely see that there is print detailing on these. 

The maximum amount of the image you can view at one time of the second more detailed photo. I had to enlarge my browser to maximum to get this cropped view. 

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22 responses to “Website Complaining and Run With The Sun Tight Pretty Lace Deep Coal Black”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ugh, I think we can all go on and on about the deficiencies of the new website. I had a long "chat" online with a rep asking what happened to the listing of inseam lengths on the crops. It used to be such a simple matter to scroll down and see how long the various crops are. Now, the info is nowhere to be found. I had to look up items in the Euro sites to figure out the length of speed crops. Super aggravating! The rep said she would pass along my gripe (didn't use that exact word, of course). Ok, now I'll get off my first world high horse…

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, where are the inseam measurements for the shorts??? Am I missing it somewhere or am I suppose to keep scrolling through! I gave up on the new site. It really isn't a matter of 'getting use to' the new website- it's just a horrible format. Oh well, on to werkshop yoga pants. Thanks lululemon for making my decision for me 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate the site! I used to browse around and check what I like, scroll down and read some reviews. Now I have to scroll so far to read grey text! And I can't see all the color way without clicking on the item and items with too many color ways to display cover the lulu price unless you hover over it(?) or click. T____T massive face palm.

  3. Unknown says:

    I also hate the new site. Too many clicks for information. Now I have to open a drop down to see if something comes in a 12, the reviews are hard to get to, missing product details, have to click to get into the "why we made this". It is pretty easy to go on and on. I also used the "Live Chat" feature to complain.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The new website design is awful, yes. Hate it. I much preferred the old website with the OLD photos that actually showed many different angles and closeups so you could SEE the product and details. This company is just moronic, and the stuff is looking extra cheap lately. I've bought a few staples like swiftlys but other than that, I'm done.
    Thank God I have an extensive OLD Lulu wardrobe. You know, that stuff that held up for years??

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh Lululemon Website how do I hate thee, let me count thy ways:

    1. Horrible first impression of product due to floating pictures.
    2. Not showing all the colours unless curser is used.
    3. Not showing colour names unless you click to go into product page and then click again on the colour dot to find out the name of the colour and see the garment in that colour. Major flaw especially with swiftlies where some colour dots look very similar but unless clicked you don't know which colour it is. This is a major turnoff for me.
    4. Access to different countries now at bottom of page and the first 2 letters have to be typed in order to get countries to come up under those letters. If in another countries website like the US and I am from Canada, the country does not show up at the top of the page. If I close out while in another country and go back in later I have to scroll to the bottom of the page to check and see what country I am in. On the old website it was as easy as clicking on the country flag and that flag stayed at the top right of page so you always knew what country you were in at an easy glance.
    5. Lack of item detail especially length of inseam. Description of product is spread out too much. It was easier to read when print was darker and grouped more closely together.
    6. All print is too light and difficult to read, especially long reviews.

    I can't comment on the process for ordering because I haven't ordered anything online since the new website came into effect. All I know is the changes are significant enough that I no longer have the desire to spend much time browsing and looking for something I might like to buy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just ordered the Berry Rumble and the Black Grape In Flux Jackets and Fatigue Green Gather & Crow Crops II from WMTM! Really LOVE In Flux Jackets and have purchased many since they've come out, so I'm sad it seems they're being discontinued but happy to get the two I've had my eyes on for a bit cheaper (although still, seems like $99 should be what their regular price should be imo).

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don't like the crops in the photos above at all. Too much ugly mesh. The floral print is really pretty but it's ruined and 'too much' along with all that gross mesh. Really hate all the mesh in the bottoms these days (or should I say years since it seems like years since the nonstop mesh).

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. Too much mesh in the back of those pants, so they don't look aesthetically balanced. Looks like old-fashioned, non-stretchy cheap panty hose from behind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, I just saw these mesh pants in person and they don't look as oddly panty-hose-like as they seemed to me in the online photo. The mesh is printed with a pattern as well as the luxtreme, so from the photos the mesh looked thin and uneven in places. However, up close, quite pretty.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Right you are, Lulumum. I have not bought a single thing since the new website came out; those ghostly, ghastly, disembodied garments turn me right off. I do check on the new items though, and I would have considered the pretty lace tights had I known there's a pattern. All I saw on the website was a pair of common-looking black tights, which did not warrant a second look (or rather multiple clicks). I, unlike some of us, find the mesh useful and most of my crops and tights have mesh or laser cutouts. I'm not sure about the longevity of the mesh, but time will tell. Back to that new website, I don't think it was tried out on consumers and Luluphiles before it was launched. What a pity.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Agree on all you points 10:24 and yours as well 10:13.

    They have done themselves such a disservice to existing clients and new clients…pffft good luck if they think the website will be the draw! Whoever is behind this was too focused on making things look pretty (body-less images aside) and certainly doesn't have a clue about the online experience. They only needed to modernize their existing site while still keeping it practical. Not overhaul it to to the point of being useless. That's not the direction to go in, in modern times!

    • Anonymous says:

      And of course totally agree with you too LLM! And thanks for all your hard work to post and keep us informed. I look at your site more than LLL!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey does anyone know if the in the cinch tank was uploaded to thr canadian side? (in neon!!!) or the terry scuba in canada???? Anyone try it???! Thanks!

  11. Anonymous says:

    hey lulu I hope you didn't spend money on this terrible new website! I haven't gone since you wrecked it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lululemon. Firstly my bank account would like to thank you for ruining your website. No purchases made online since the launch. I also have more time for housework as I no longer constantly creep your website. The website has gone to the limes.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lululemon. Firstly my bank account would like to thank you for ruining your website. No purchases made online since the launch. I also have more time for housework as I no longer constantly creep your website. The website has gone to the limes.

    • Anonymous says:

      but this is a good thing though! Well, at least I think so… I think it feels really good to look at things in a positive way instead of negative and just accept things and go with the flow! I am glad that Lululemon has been making it easier and easier to break the addiction, starting with the downhill quality and ridiculous price hikes. I still have *some* (so many have been discontinued or updated for the worst) favourites left that I will still be purchasing but without the obsession.

    • lulubell says:

      I feel the same. The only pages I ever visit now are WMTM and occasionally, "What's New" if I see something on the blogs that interests me. Otherwise, I don't look anymore. It has freed up A LOT of my time, haha!! I also find myself looking for old favorites on ebay now.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone wondering what is going on with the lack of technical jackets in Canada? Right now there are 6 jackets (2 are defines and one is a wrap) on the Canadian website. Lulumum do you have any info about jackets coming our way or have you seen any in stores that just haven't made it across the Country? I have been waiting and waiting for some good technical running jackets and a nice rain jacket to hit our shores but we seem to be experiencing a drought on jackets here in Canada.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for commenting on this website problem. I took the liberty to write Lululemon about their horrible website. I said that it's like being in quicksand and very irritating to see the pop-ups. It feels like I am playing a draining sort of game like Pac Man, and I am wondering if the designer of the website writes teenager computer games? Lululemon said in their e-mail that it had many bells & whistles which to I responded, "I am not shopper, not you!" I have not really got on the Lululemon website lately which is quite different for me from the past since I used to look forward to every Tuesday's download and Thursday's WMTM section.

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