Did the US even get an upload yet? I keep checking and it looks like last weeks landing page and products. Where the heck are the Minimalist Crops for Canada even? The rest of the Minimalist line has uploaded and the crops are in stores so why not online? Never mind the crops have been added. The Commuter Denim Om Pants slightly intrigue me but I opted to buy a dress at Aritzia instead (Muse Dress) which is on sale on the US website. I’m ok with the full price on the Canadian site though since it’s only $5 more and I can return it if I don’t like it. 

This is how exciting the monochromatic thumbnails look: 

Fast Lane Singlet 

Run With The Sun Crops

Define Jacket

Run Times Short

Wunder Under Pant High Rise

Om Pant

Pace Rival Crop

Sunshine Salutation Jacket

Serene Tight

Minimalist Crop (US)

High Times Pant Minimalist

Run Stuff Your Bra

Minimalist Tank

High Times Lace Camo

Minimalist Bra

Free Spirit Bag

I was tempted by this in store yesterday. I was able to try it with my wallet which is huge (Insolite) and my iPhone 6 plus and both items fit. My hesitation was in the shoulder drop of the straps. It’s quite short and obviously meant to be worn around your waist mostly. 

Live Free Tote

Extra Mile Duffel

    1. Completely agreed! How ugly and totally ridiculous is all that mesh on the back legs of those new High Times? I seriously lol'd when I saw them. But really, I'm getting so sick of all the bottoms being ruined with mesh, I don't have a problem with keeping all the mesh styles for all the mesh lovers, but please make just as many choices for those of us who dislike the mesh.

    2. I love the mesh and apparently many others do too because they keep making items with mesh! Try it out. You'll see it can be cooling and sexy.

  1. Does anyone know the name of the pants in the picture with the free spirit bag, I would love to get some. Thank u

  2. I thought this was a pretty boring upload. Mesh and camo-esque prints have been done to death at this point, and all the "new" products look nearly identical to the comparable products released in the weeks before. I wish they'd get their core products right instead of rolling out new-new stuff every week.

  3. Still waiting for some good technical jackets and a nice rain jacket but the Sunshine Salutation Jacket with an open back is really disappointing. I don't think I can wait much longer before I search elsewhere. Lucky US got the Stop at Nothing Tank so I hope to see this soon in Canada in the beautiful aquamarine that Australia got.

    Also disappointed with the colour choices for Run Times, a boom juice print when we just got the solid.

    1. They are the All The Right Places Pant II <3 I want a pair so bad. I have the old version without the reflective tape on the ankle.

  4. Has anyone noticed that some stores are no longer carrying size 12? None of my local stores have been getting any 12s in. Luckily I've passed down into size 10 territory, but there are some things I need a bigger size in, like bras.

  5. I agree about the mesh. Enough already and they ruin good crops. Is it just me or does anyone else hate the new website. I hate it. Hard to maneuver and just all around horrible!

    1. The mesh looks silly, when I see it on people I don't like the way it makes their legs look. I am dying for a new pair of crops but all ruined by the mesh. I hate the website too.

    2. I hate it so much I gave up…. I follow lulumum because I love her blog…. but I can't do that terrible website. It ruins the entire shopping experience for me.

    3. I hate the new website! It takes longer to find these, determine color choices, read about the product info., EUC. So much clicking & scrolling! I've stopped shopping on their website. Since I don't have the chance to get into the store often, I have dramatically cut my lulu spending, which is a good thing!

    1. Unfortunately it didn't work for me 🙁
      It want as supportive as I was hoping and the sides by the armpits were too low cut, perhaps sizing down would've helped but when I did the bounce test in the fitting room I didn't feel supported at all. If it helps I'm a 36c and usually take an 8 in bras but this one wasn't cutting it

  6. Did anyone else get the new Pipe Dream Blue CRB for $29? I managed to get one just in time before they all sold out. Wondering why it's been marked down if it's new?

  7. Would someone please tell me where to find the inseam in the shorts??? Is it listed and i just can't find it or is it not listed and it's another one of the new website blunders! I'm so frustrated with all the extra clicking and swiping! Ugh!!!

    1. It's on the right if you keep scrolling down. It's usually the last thing listed on the page before the reviews. I agree though. It's hard to find and I happened to notice it by accident on the Hotty Hot Shorts page.

    2. Coming back to note that I've found it easier to look at the new website on my laptop, so I don't know if the inseam is listed in the same place on the app. The way they've laid out the info is like a "Where's Waldo" search!

  8. Mesh is such a polarizing detail. I've heard from the eds at my local store that they get at least 2-3 people in every day requesting more mesh, so I don't think we'll be seeing the end of mesh detail anytime soon. I personally love it, but I know it's not for everyone, so some non-mesh detailing would be nice too!

    1. I just think its going to look dated quickly and really limits the opportunities to wear the bottoms casually (whereas "solid" fabrics have more potential for double duty). It has its place, but I think it's more an issue of quantity – how many mesh bottoms does one really need? I'm way more open to it on tops, or when used selectively as details, but it's not super durable and for $118 (newest HTs) I want better details than just a massive mesh panel on the back of each leg.

    2. I just can't get passed the look of it, I want to like it but it makes the legs looks stumpy… even on thin women. If they continue mesh I hope they can better balance with some other pieces too – then we can all be happy! 🙂

    3. @10:24 a.m. Funny, cuz I'm almost the opposite… I'm no lover of mesh, but I fell like sometimes a lot of the regular crops can easily make legs look – in your words – "stumpy". The mesh detailing can- when its done right- detract from the stumpy look. And then when it's mesh overkill or mesh placed in the wrong areas, make things worse. Guess it just depends on proper design.

    1. I'm wondering the same thing! I really hope not. I've been keeping my eyes open for some nice spring and summer colours to appear and then last week noticed they all went to WMTM. Was hoping for Lilac, Blue Tropics, Boom Juice, Pink Paradise (Pink Shell would be really pretty too!) etc Would love to hear if they're being discontinued or not. I ordered the Black Grape and Berry Rumble ones as soon as I noticed them on WMTM last Thursday. Fingers crossed they aren't being discontinued.

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