I adore these photos from the Honolulu store. Amazing!! I tore the tags off my Foli Manifesto Cool Racerback and wore it to the gym and I really love it a lot. I haven’t ripped the tags off so fast for a Cool Racerback in a long time. 

Foli Manifesto Bali Breeze Tofino Teal Cool Racerback, Serene Crop


  1. Lulumum, what it is about the crb that you love so much? What is the material like? What does it say on it? I love the colour but am not sure about the text.Love these photos!

    1. Well I love teal, but I especially love it in combination with bali breeze. I find the print actually really pretty and not noticeably text. It's more like swirly foliage with an interesting movement. I haven't actually looked at what the words say but I assume each swirl is a part of the Lululemon manifesto. It's definitely a polyester based material but it's softer than all the other polyester CRB's that have been out. I am really someone that doesn't care for text on tops but this version of it definitely reads more like a print then text.

  2. Thank you so much for your review on the crb. Now I think I want it because the colours are beautiful! 🙂

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