Many of you are excited about the Pure Practice Pant I think but I am all over the Hero Blue Exhale Cool Racerback. I also really like the luxtreme Cadet Blue CRB but I am passing on it in favour of the Hero Blue. I’m also loving all the deep vibrant greens and the Align Crops but I am on a very strict STRICT Lulu budget on account of the roofers on my home right now rebuilding our roof – thankfully I made a few sales over the past few days on the new Lululemon Buy, Sale Trade group I blogged about. Boo to life expenses. What did you guys order tonight? Anything exciting for you? 

Cool Racerback *Exhale CAN/US

Cool Racerback Luxtreme  CAN/US

Align Crop US

Pure Practice Pant

Studio Crop II

Harmony Hoodie

Define Jacket

Swiftly Tech LS Jungle Green

Enherrten Tank

Ready & Go Tank

Run For Days Bra II

Tube & From Skirt CAN

Run Times Short

Bliss Break Tank

Yogi Every Day Tank

Breeze By Tunic

  1. The jungle swiftly tank was out a couple months ago and sold out.
    On a side note, the wing mesh high times were in US stores today in the green, black, and navy

    1. I was so glad to see the LS and SS uploaded today because I bought the tank and returned it due to fit. Bought the LS today.

    2. Is it just my phone or does the SS jungle look more like it should be called Bali breeZe ? And the kayak blue color inconsistency between shirts vs tank is also odd.

    3. Hi reya! May I ask, what did you think of the wing mesh high times? Did you like them? Were they luxtreme or luon? I just ordered the green ones, but might trade for the navy.

      I was hoping to try them last week, but the Walnut Creek store did not have them.

      Thank you any insight! Lea

    4. Reya, exactly my thoughts. They have that Bali Breeze looking one coded as Heathered Jungle (even when you hover over photos) and it is not like the l/s one which is a black heathered Jungle Green.

  2. Too bad they pulled the black Align Pants now that they've added the IIs, which are more simple IMO. I need a new pair as mine are falling apart. I doubt they'll put them on WMTM but send them to stores instead. Boo.

    1. I would have been willing to try the original Align pants, but now that they're changing (already?!) and I'm reading the complaints of people that loved the old version, looks like I'll be skipping these.

    2. They're really not THAT different. You should try the new ones. They made small changes. If you're shorter or have thin ankles the IIs will probably fit better.

  3. I want the harmony hoodie but will go try on in the store. I think the vent in the back will be perfect for when I leave yoga soo hot but then sit in AC and get cold. I've put about 10 items in my cart but don't love anything enough to pull the trigger. I really need function now, as I have tons of cute things.

  4. lulumum, do you find that the special edition CRBs fit the same and are the same length as the standard version? I am loving the hero blue exhale version too!

  5. OK EVERYONE DO YOU REALIZE THEY HAVE JUST RELEASED STUDIO CROPS 11… Are these Dance Studio Crops even though they haven't used the word "Dance" or are they Street To Studio Crops. They are obviously a new version of something since they have "11" in the name. I am thinking they are a new iteration of DSC but these new ones have a 20" inseam which is 3" longer than the originals. They may be too long for me. I will be checking these out though for sure. I don't know if I should be happy we have something similar to the DSC or sad because they are not the originals which I have been hoping for.

    1. I am super intrigued by these. I keep trying on Street to Studio crops hoping they will magically become studio crops and not having any luck with that for some reason. Moment they come out in purple or a bright blue, I will be all over them.

    2. My thoughts exactly but I ordered in 2 colors to try. I held strong and didn't buy any in flux or street to studios this year since they both fall short in my opinion ( especially in flux). These 2s definitely look plainer than original and seem to have elastic instead of drawstring at legs but I have to at least try and with free returns why not.

    3. @Andrea LOL if only! @Anon 5:44pm I totally agree with you, In Flux don't hold a candle to DSC. I really like my Street To Studios but they certainly haven't replaced my DSC. These new Studio Crop 11's look promising but I wish they would just suck it up and give us back our beloved DSC.

  6. I will definitely be getting the ls Jungle Green swiftly, will hope to get it in store this week. And agree with Reya that ss version they are calling heathered jungle green looks like a bali breeze with print – they are completely different. I have a luxtreme CRB from SeaWheeze that I don't reach for that often so am not sure I will purchase the Hero Blue CRB, however it is a lovely colour so that may be enough. I have some other items I am pursuing in store and I also just bought the pure black ls swiftly, the tank, and the ss version. I might take the tank back because I want a back up of the black ss.

  7. Got the Pure Practice Pant, though I agonized over which size to get since I'm 36" hip, which puts me between sizes 4-6, but I'm thicker waisted so usually opt for the 6 if the item is high waist. I hope it works out! I like the slate, but worry that it will show sweat, so I went with boring black (which I know I'll wear). I'd love to get the CRB exhale*, but the colors were so blah and un-spring-like!

  8. I've been waiting SO long for the heathered jungle LS Swiftly!! Ironically it was released after summer suddenly began in Vancouver (it was 28 degrees yesterday) so I probably can't wear it till the fall. It's so beautiful I don't even mind though!

    1. I can't decide either. I know black is more of a true staple but I have so many black pants. Just wondering how the lighter color will be in the grey – Worried they may be unforgiving.

    2. I own both black and grey. The grey is pretty light. I think you should buy it! I'm the same as you, I'll mostly buy black pants, but since I bought the Grey one I definitely don't regret it. It's sooo comfortable.

  9. I chuckled at your write-up, Lulumum!:) Too funny because I was thinking the same thing about life's expenses. It interferes with my LLL purchases!!!

  10. Arrgggh! Another upload where website glitches out (wouldnt process my order with the hero blue CRB-Ex) and by the time I ran home (30 mins), sold out! Were some people able to purchase the tank? i.e. web error and they pulled it or was it truly sold out? LLM were you able to put yours through?

  11. I'm just curious if Tube and from skirt in green and gray was completely sold out already? I haven't seen anybody commenting on it so thought it wasn't such a hot item

  12. Got the green enhearten tank and both the blue crbs luxtreme and special edition. WHEN THOUGH did the lilac and pistachio power y's load to Canada?? I NEED THESE IN THE USA! or need to take a trip to Canada. I haven't seen them show up anywhere else. I'm also hoping the WUP in lilac space dye twist show up on the US side.

  13. Ugh. Well I tried to pay by pp and it got stuck processing and then cancelled. Although they did take money out of my pp. I then tried with credit card and that seemed to work.

  14. Lulumum, i asked to join your group about 3-4 days ago and I'm still pending. Any way to fast track me? :-). Incentive: i'm your size and i'm looking to buy! Andie Crosby

    1. lol, that is total incentive. haha! If you can re-request to join it will bump you to the top and I can have a look at your profile. I wish there was a way to search the list for names.

  15. Just received my CRB-exhale and it is fantastic. I got the hero blue and it is cottony soft and the color is saturated. It is the same length as my regular CRBs. The neckline is a bit higher which I prefer. I find the orig Crb a bit too low in the front at times. The back detail is really nice and looks great when worn with a shirt that has an opening in the back. Just ordered the 2 other colors as these are the best version of the special edition Crbs that I own.

    1. Interesting, I got the black one and it is super scratchy! However I do love the design of it, so will keep it. Also got the Tube and From skirt and it's nice and soft and a nice fit. Like it better than the Yoga Over Skirt it's not as thick or restrictive.

    2. Yes it could be worn that way but because the material is thinner and stretchier don't know how well it would stay up!

    3. On a side note I tried the skirt as a dress as you suggested anonymous 5:49. I tried it with my strapless bra and it stayed put and looks great!

  16. I just bought two Pure Practice Pants in color black and heather grey. These are by far the most comfortable pants everrrrr! It's like I'm wearing a second layer of skin. And it's so cute. Love the detail in the back. I hope they come out with more colors.

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