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Fit Review and Store Report: Sunset Savasana Pullover II, Resolution Wrap

April 25, 2016

My store had the most exciting product drop today that they have had in a very long time. Both the Sunset Savasana Pullover II, and Resolution Wrap as well as the Mesh Speed Shorts in Bali Breeze and Black, Om Pants and a few other bits and pieces. I once again present to you my summer crops you’ve now seen in at least 4 Fit Reviews. 

Sunset Savasana Pullover II – $128

I saw this Sunset Savasana Pullover II on the Hong Kong upload last week and knew instantly I had to have it. I was feeling antsy that we wouldn’t get it in Canada or if we did we’d get it uploaded and as usual my store wouldn’t get it at all. I felt equally desperate for it and pessimistic I’d actually get it, and then there it was this morning.  I love this version of this sweater since the winter one is a thick merino wool (warm and itchy) while this version is a thin boolux with a sheerer waffle weave back. It’s definitely more of a summer version of the sweater. I love that both versions have come in beautiful colors vs just white, black and grey. This heathered lilac is divine! It fits true to my usual size 10. 

Photo Credit: Rowena

Resolution Wrap  –  $148

I really liked the Resolution Wrap as well. It has a similar cut and design to the Wrap It Up Sweater with the same zippered slash pockets on the side, but its much longer and made of soft flowy Boolux vs. wool. I found this wrap big and loose but I don’t think I’d size down as you’d loose the pretty drape. I love the edgy pocket detailing. I very reluctantly had to pass on this sweater but if I can sell some items on the Lululemon Buy, Sell Trade group I’d snatch it up. 

Photo Credit:  Rowena
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14 responses to “Fit Review and Store Report: Sunset Savasana Pullover II, Resolution Wrap”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the post LLM! ( I am in big trouble this week) ended up snatching up the black CRB-exhale as I loved the hero blue so much. It's a better fit on me than the regular CRB. Quick question, did the resolution wrap have a button snap in the front like the winter version does?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am also in trouble this week. So many great things lately. I love the 2 sweaters. Is the lilac color quite bright and saturated? I found that the minty pink backbend sweater was too bright and did not work well with my skin tone. Hopefully the lilac is a nice tone that works for me. Also wondering if there is a snap or button in the front of the wrap. I will definitely be getting the wrap in the heathered white for summer.

  3. Lululover says:

    I also liked the fit of the Exhale CRB better than regular one. The difference is in the side seams that Exhale has slightly on front instead of regular CRB

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does the back of the sweater have a button?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere the back of the sweater has a button, which is a game changer for me. I don't like open backs, especially on sweaters, so now i'm back to "I need this." But, let me ask you this, when the button is closed, does the back pretty much close up? Or does it leave an "O" opening in the back? I guess I need to go to my store…

    • Anonymous says:

      I have this in the wool version and I never use the button at the bottom of the sweater. It does not fully close the back and it does not look as flattering closed. I am between a size 4 and a 6. I chose the 4 but if I planned to close the button I would have gone with the 6. It looks a bit awkward closed which I think is why they don't show it that way on the website.

    • Anonymous says:

      I picked up both the lilac and black in store today. Yes there is a button, and you can button it is it lays flat. Did it today, no opening gape when buttoned… The lilac colour is gorgeous in person!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think I'm just going to have to order tts and size down cause of the button. Not sure how the size down would fit over the hips buttoned.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the fit review! Upon reading it, and seeing the sweater on you, I rushed to my store and bought it in the pretty lilac colour. I waffled for a long time between size 6 and 8. 6 looked perfect in the front, but the criss-cross back gaped too much in the back. Size 8 was perfect in the back, even buttoned up, but the shoulders felt like sliding off, and def not fitting me properly. I bought the 8, but I will dance in front of my mirror a bit tonight. It's going to be an expensive upload for me today, I have my eyes on at least two more items (the tank with the macrame back and the crops with the net).

  8. Anonymous says:

    I bought the Lilac and Black today, and I sized down. It buttons up better than the previous version, however I found that there is still a hole, and the hole gapes open in my TTS. If you want there to be less of an open hole in the back while buttoned, go with your size down if you are between sizes. I'm very happy with this sweater, however the first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it's going to be snag city after a few wears. I wish the white wasn't so sheer. You can see full bra and top of my pants through the white. The lilac is absolutely GORGEOUS in person. Wish they also came out with a Pipe Dream blue! Can you imagine? They seriously need more colours in everything they carry!!

  9. Lulumum says:

    There is a button which I tried on closed last night. It mostly lays flat with an 'o' opening with movement. If you were to size up in pretty certain it would not open in the back and would still look very pretty. I am toying with getting a size up for that reason although I don't mind the back open, I just like options.

  10. I got the Lilac one and it is beautiful it fits true to size. It is made out of the same material in another sweater that got bad reviews due to shrinking with proper washing. Cross my fingers it doesn't happen

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