1. Kinda in love with Hero Blue. Hope we see some solid tops in it. I actually like the Capoeira print but think I would tire of it quickly so maybe just a bra or something in a small dose.

  2. Was super excited for these Wunder Unders but ultimately did not get them when I went to the store today. They are a nice thick denim luon however when the fabric is stretched the white shows through and the bright colors fade quite a bit. I am a size 4 in all lulu pants and have many WUC but these barely fit in a size 4 – going up a size made them easier to get on but the white popping out between the color was still there in the same way. For instance on the dark blue portions of the pattern it looks like a line of blue then white the blue then white when stretched. Sad because I love crazy prints – might be tempted on sale but not at full price. I did get the Lullaby Space Dye Twist WUC – they have such great coverage and are so comfy – my 3rd pair in this fabric way

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