Nothing for me tonight but I am contemplating the Ray Cool Racerback. I’m not sure I love the color but I know a lot of people are crazy for it so I thought I’d give it a chance. I’d love to find an oversized black tank that I could wear overtop of it because I think Ray looks great as an accent but I think all on its own it’s too much for me. I was hoping Canada would get a restock of the Buttercup Jacket since only a few stores got it in and they disappeared off the website when they did upload. I calculated how much it would cost to get it in USD but it was just too insane. Maybe if I win that Powerball tomorrow. Also tempted by the Peacock Swiftly SS but I just don’t wear swiftlies often enough to collect colors.

Ray CRB (US)

Cozy Up Buttercup (US)

Drat! I want this hoodie now, most Canadian stores never got it and if I order from the US it will be around $250 CAD. You suck, Lulu!

Scuba Hoodie III Lullaby (US)

Down For A Run Vest Inkwell and Cool Breeze (US)

Yogini 5 Year Long Sleeve (CAD)

Warm Your Core Long Sleeve

Warm It Up Long Sleeve

Cool Racerbacks (CAN)

Swiftly Tech SS Peacock (CAD)

Swiftly Tech LS Ray (CAD)

Yogi Racerback III (CAD)

    1. I felt the same way but went with my normal size because I find myself wearing more than a thinner top these days and the fabric didn't sit so stiff after a week of wearing it. Cozy either way!

  1. I'm a TTS 12 in tops and jackets and needed the 12. I could zip the 10 but barely. Maybe I'm TTS in it because I'm built like football player.

    1. It's treated to repel water hence the stiffness but I will say after a few wears, its does start to soften and conform more to your body. I will also say, this jacket keeps in any heat you generate. Walk around long enough in it and you'll get pretty sweaty (even with a thin top underneath! At least I do!

    2. Just to add, now that I see LLM's reply…this jacket is not a cozy soft indoors type hoodie. It's definitely for outdoors. It would be amazing if they came out with a version with a soft exterior.

  2. nothing tonight but i did bite the bullet and ordered the "sequin" speed tight brushed. theyre reflective! and are basically like the limited edition reflective speed tights but half the price and SO MUCH NICER!!! im still salty about the shorter length of the newer speed generation but honestly these are so legit! no seam issue (that i could find) and i was so excited to get them i ran in them tonight (-7C) and my legs were red when i got in but i didnt go numb… WINNNN

  3. and to add a PS it's so weird that these arent marketed as reflective… theyre the most legit reflective gear lulu has put out all season imo unless you want to look like a running martian, than go the limited edition gear is right up your alley LOL

    1. Thank you for the scoop! Are they called "sequin?" I don't think the US has them yet? But I think I would love them! 🙂

    2. formerly annon here! speed tigh IV brushed. they ARE reflective but are not identified as so.theyre the "black sequin" color.

  4. well I got the 4 crbs and peacock swiftly – I am wondering how close the ray is to clarity yellow – because I have worn that CRB once LOL. I also am not sure about the twist one, thinking I prefer it in pants and I still have cosmic teal/forage sitting with tags on – and navy blue/saphire too! I have the heathered lullaby CRB so it will be interesting how the blue compares – I am thinking it will be too pale for my liking! LOL, I may be returning most items by sounds of it. I was disappointed with no blooming pixel WUC — I did receive the cosmic dot HT pant today and had mostly red patches and no purple…looks like you get one or the other. They aren't bad but I would have preferred a patch of purple mixed in. So I will call my store to see if they can put one aside for me….save me ordering 2 more pairs to pick from! The warm it up long sleeve looks tempting but I just got the face the frost 1/2 zip, the flurry fighter, the runderful 1/2 zip – so I am thinking I am good for warm tops. I did feel the thickness of the runderful tops in store and thought they were nice and thick but again can't justify another. The vests are nice but I already have a few and I am thinking it is a little late to be getting more…

    1. I agree with others that Cool Breeze is a pale color, quite close in saturation to Pretty Purple, though MUCH blue.

      I think Cool Breeze is VERY close to Lavender Dusk. I bought the original release of the Cool Breeze CRB. (I also have a Cool Breeze Forme jacket.)

      I only bought the Lavender Dusk CRB because I stained my Breeze one; as I remember, the two colors are practically dupes, though I believe the Lavender one is a smidgen darker, bluer (or maybe grayer) & thicker.

      I also have a solid Lullaby CRB (can you tell I love this color family and racer backs?) because it's definitely darker than either Lavender Dusk or Cool Breeze. (Of course the Heathered Lullaby CRB was paler than the solid, enough so that I ended up returning it since it was close enough to the Lavender and Lullaby that I couldn't justify another; also, I tend to reach for Heathered tanks a bit less often, though I have been loving my Heathered Teal CRB.)

      Certainly if you have the solid Lavender Dusk CRB, or maybe even the Heathered Lullaby one, you probably do not need the Cool Breeze one. (But who am I to judge, considering the size of myLulu collection?)

      I am excited about the Space Dyed Twist Peacock/Naval CRB since I like thick, textured fabrics, especially in the winter.

      I am also intrigued by the Ray since I didn't buy anything in that color the first time around. Is it close to SPLIT PEA or CLEAR MINT or FADED ZAP? I would be so grateful for a comparison. 🙂

      THANKS FOR ALL YOU do, Lulumum. 🙂

      I am tempted by the (IMO at least) lovely Cool Breeze vest, but I'm trying to resist.

  5. Does anyone think the Go Until Dawn Dress will go on sale? I got the red pixel one, but I would like all 3 for work. But I really don't want to spend 171 dollars on each dress (think of all the CRBs you could get!). If one were blue, I wouldn't hesitate, but the deep dive and black are pretty standard lulu colors . . .

  6. Nothing for me. Will get the peacock ss in store. The product alert e-mail shows a brighter blue down for a run vest–or is that just a poorly lit/processed photo of this inkwell one? Is a brighter blue coming? I would love that.
    Other than the blue twist one, what a snooze fest on CRBs! And another pink – orangey one. Good god get some imagination LLL. I don't care for the mock necks on those shirts either.

  7. I ordered the cool breeze CRB as they didn't have it in my store tonight. (Just the peacock one which I refrained from only because I spent so much money) They had one shine on Define in my size on md for $79, and one Drop like its hot tank in Menthol on MD in my size. So naturally, I was one happy girl! My surprise purchase tonight was the warm your core ls in heathered Bordeaux. I didn't like the look of it on Kaitlyns WWL, as I thought it looked frumpy despite the neat looking peplum back. Not so! I stayed with my TTS, it is the THICK, mega soft Rulu (of old LL days) and very flattering on. I couldn't resist it. Will probably grab another is they make md.

  8. Gah! Still no flurry fighters for US! There have been a number of items I have been waiting for to come to US this season!

  9. I got my "cotton" vinyasa scarf today and it's awful. Totally fleece and not cotton. It is so stiff and thick I can barely wrap it around my neck twice. I can't believe they charged $58 for it the first time out. At least the "cotton" warrior scarf I got is great, even though it's actually boiled wool. What is with the totally misleading product descriptions these days? Lululemon needs to get it together. I like the look of the cozy up buttercup but $178?!?! For a hoodie, I just can't justify that price.

    1. They were trying to sell me that "cotton" vinyasa bad at the store I was at this weekend. It's totally stiff and you can't even get it around your neck like a typical vinyasa. It was marked down to $19 and I just laughed.

    2. I feel the same way about the "cotton" vinyasas (although they did correct the description on the website, after I ordered 2). I do think the patterns are very cute, so I am going to wash them a couple times and see if they soften up.

    3. I saw many of these scarves on md in store and even way after Boxing Day: many returned and then marked down. I assume gifts purchased at full price and returned. I admit the purple one was beautiful but I examined it when it first came out and easily passed due to the stiffness. I bought 3 true, soft fleece ones (on markdown) last year prior to Christmas and gave as gifts – everyone loved them.

  10. I ordered the Peacock Swiftly and Yogi Racerback in the 4 colour space dyed white minty pink, I am curious to see that colour in person. I bought in store the spaced dyed twist naval blue CRB. I really like the textured fabric, the colour combo and the print helps to hide what I want hidden! I tried on the Warm It Up LS and be warned this is very THIN RULU and I couldn't get the neck to stay up, it kept falling down on itself. I also didn't care for all the puckering out from the shoulder seams. This was an easy pass.

    1. For the yogi racer back would you say they are going to be sweat wickening? I didn't notice they are different material than my sweat absorbant 105f singlet until after I ordered the yogi racer backs online, but do you think they will hold up to a super sweaty hot yoga class?

    2. For the yogi racer back would you say they are going to be sweat wickening? I didn't notice they are different material than my sweat absorbant 105f singlet until after I ordered the yogi racer backs online, but do you think they will hold up to a super sweaty hot yoga class?

    3. Kali Kwan, I am not an expert as to what to wear for a hot sweaty yoga class. I will be wearing this for walking, hiking or running when not too hot.

    4. @kali Kwan – is the yogi racerback cotton or cotton-like? If so, it is the last thing you want to wear to hot yoga as cotton when sweaty is just an awful, distracting weight. I say that as a hard core yogi (incl hot yoga 4-5 times a week) and runner of countless years.

  11. LLM, I'd say you should skip the crb in Ray. You've just said that you aren't crazy about the colour, and would be buying it to "give it a chance" because other people like it. But other people also have different taste from you. If you buy it, you'll only resell it later because you didn't feel the love initially. Save your money for something you love!

    Also, on the subject of ray, the heathered version of the colour is so yucky. It's the colour of phlegm.

    1. Just looking out for your best interests! Back in the days of LTJI, some of the ladies just loved that colour, but I could never get into it. I guess I just don't like yellow.

  12. I ordered the crb in Ray, will see how it looks when it gets here. Love the color and Nike had a similar color called Volt. (I'm a 5-6 day a week tennis player, no yoga) I also got the Enhearten tank and the three strap bra, I'm a 34D and lululemon bras for such high impact tennis don't seem to work for me. Hoping this one does.

  13. Hi, are you still loving your rulu jet slims? They never made it to US so I'm wondering if they're worth searching elsewhere. I have luxtreme jet crop slims, but a pair in rulu would be even better. I appreciate your opinion! TIA!!

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