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That’s A Wrap Jacket

December 15, 2015

That’s A Wrap Jacket

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The arms look tight (as per usual with lululemon) & I'm not sure if that seam in the mid upper arm would drive me nuts??!! 🙁

  2. It`s the Cocoon wrap with a few tweaks.

  3. OT. Sorry. I just got the Mind and Body kit that I ordered. Flashback static rose/tender violet. I love them bag so thanks for the write up about how much you love it. Just wondering if the light pink in this one will stain up easily if I have makeup in it. Next OT question. I also ordered a solid black CRB. The material seems blah. Not soft like the others I have and I'm wondering if that will change when I wash it like the heathered ones or if I should send this back. Anyone else have a new solid black CRB they can comment on?


  4. I laughed at this picture! Sorry but her arm resembles an old style sausage lol
    I love the wrap but I don't get the baggy style around the waist and tight arms!!!

    I need to try this before making up my mind

  5. I just tried this on….her arm issue is likely just her short sleeve shirt under it. There's no funny seam or anything. The arms are comparable to the method or savasana wraps. And it is almost the exact same shape as the cocoon wrap. The fabric is lovely but the shape isn't very good for curvy girls. It has huge potential but I found it didn't drape right bc of my hips. The back length is awesome and bum covering but the front hits at the perfect height to frame the lady bits…not something I want framed!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I did not like the fit of this wrap. The sleeves are fitted by not too tight.
    The main body was loose and sloppy fitting in my opinion – not a very flattering look. Also cheaply made compared to wraps from prior years.
    I just came from Lululemon and tried hard but could not find anything I liked. Everything seems to be thinner and lesser quality than prior years. I've gone from spending hundreds per month (sometimes buying multiple colors of one thing) to virtually nothing.

  7. Cwags says:

    I also tried this wrap on in store today . Not overly flattering. Baggy in the middle. My girlfriend and I had a discussion today regarding wraps of the past! Why not just keep making the guaranteed seller, the gratitude wrap! Always sells out year after year. Keep it simple lulu!!! Stick to what works! Dont try to reinvent the wheel!

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