1. Wow, I am sorry but thus far the Lululemon offerings have been a snooze fest..I mean this wrap looks nice but nothing super special..I feel like we've been there done that..plus the print on the cozy cuddle up at first glance does look like skulls as others have reported…I am so bored. Also, the releases are coming super slow for this time of year..last year I feel like I already had such a long list of "have to have" items , this year I am not even motivated to go to my local store 🙁 I have been selling a few older styles on eBay as of late but now I may rethink my strategy as I probably won't need that much more room in my closet.

    1. i agree. I think the best they have come out with lately is anything high waisted with the wunder unders, but other than that, I haven't been really wow'd by their winter collection thus far. I'm really glad I have jackets from past seasons as the quality and styles seem much better and i thought it was expensive then! I am still hoping for the Hustle jacket.

    2. And they're not making any freaking sweater-like High Times! Where's the cozy, thick, colorful Pique, Herringbone, Houndstooth?!? I definitely spent more last year, too. This year will be a WMTM haul on the few sorta sweet items.

      I echo the skulls. Maybe some bada$$ babes will like that, but I'm out! Yucko! Inkblot cool, skull print drool.

      I was also clearing my closet for seasonal hopefuls and ended up not relisting unsold auctions because my stash was far better than this year's releases. I'll keep my Full Tilt, Star Runner, etc. Lulu can keep their icky poo.

    3. I pulled two things down from Tradesy this morning, my Harmonious Hoodie and To and Flow Wrap. I think I'll wait until Christmas to see if something pops up to replace them, but I have a feeling I'll be hanging on to them.

    4. I have been shopping with Lulu the past five years and have quite the collection. I can say hands down that the jackets and qualities of other items have definitely declined. If you have some nice items from past collections, I would hold onto them. They were better made past seasons – no doubt.

    5. @ Anon 10:19 – We have the same taste. I will never sell my pique Full Tilt and Star Runners – they are my favorite items ever!

  2. It has actually made me laugh out loud thinking about myself, credit card in hand ready to purchase new items at upload. But then the U.S. does not get any of the items I've wanted from other countries and I buy nothing. I can count more than 10 items I would've bought had they been uploaded to the U.S. this winter. I can't believe how much money Lululemon has lost from me alone, just from not keeping products consistent from country to country. What a joke.

  3. Hi Lulumum, appreciate your blog very much, do you when they release the next new products available, I see that it is on Tues, again for some reason I thought it was going to be Sunday eve, Is it Tuesday and Thursdays now? hoping the next release will be really good, thanks, S.

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