by Cristina


November 30, 2015

Hey guys! Upload is up with both new pieces and new We Made Too Much items. It’s late and I had a rough day (toe surgery!) so I think I’m going to turn in and not populate this post with more pictures. I got the Apex Stripe Mind & Body Kit. I got a M&B Kit last year after hemming and hawing about wether or not they are worth it and I can tell you that they definitely are. They are extremely roomy for a makeup bag, structured and they zip open wide and are held open on their own. The little makeup bag is genius and I’ve done a lot of travel with mine. I got one for myself and one for my daughter to carry her hearing aids and kit in for school and sports or to travel with. I’m feeling a bit tempted by the Sunshine Coast LS in Minkberry because I love Minkberry but it’s looking a bit too sheer in the photos. 

Couple of notes:
*why didn’t we get Black Swan Runderful Pants?
*Why didn’t Canada get the 5 Year Yogini in Vintage Pink??
*Why didn’t Canada get that Sprinkler Pique Runderful LS?
*Why didn’t the US get the Apex Stripe Mind & Body Kit
*Why didn’t we get the Radiant Jacket in Black Herringbone???

Sunshine Coast LS (CAN)

Downright Cozy Pullover (CAN/US)

Runderful LS

Runderful LS (US)

Wunder Under Crop High Rise *Shine On (US)

Relaxed Fit Pant (CAN)

Align And Define LS

Down For A Run Vest

Fluffed Up Jacket (CAN)

Define Jacket Shine On (CAN)

Cool Racerback *Shine On

Align Pant Gator Green (CAN)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do I want to keep my tender violet DFAR jacket or exchange it for the berry rumble fluffed up jacket? Berry rumble is a prettier color but the rulu panels are kind of perfect for my Los Angeles climate. Ditto about exchanging my black vest for the white. Side note, Canada is totally getting the best of the winter clothes. I know LA doesn't get too cold but if I remember correctly nearly every other part of the US was in a deep freeze last winter.

  2. lulu says:

    The puffy blanket coat I bought last year has surfaced on the US upload as well as the feeling frosty soft shell insulated from last year
    Could these items be leftovers from the port issue they had in the US last year?!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Sunshine Coast LS is beautiful, but it looks like a snag-fest waiting to happen with that delicate knit. I can't bring myself to roll the dice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really wanted the Sunshine Coast LS as well, but not at that price. The Boolux tops I already have pill TERRIBLY with minimal wear/contact with other fabrics, and a cashmere/bamboo blend at that price should NOT be sheer like the Sunshine Coast LS.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I ordered the sunshine coast LS in black and grey. I really wanted to find another top similar in length to the chai time II and I am hoping that this one works out. I really like that it is a light weight knit. I am tempted by the shine on define in black but I am not sure how often I would wear it. I am still holding out for the &go long sleeve dress!!!!!

  6. Lululover says:

    I didn't order anything last night. I would be interested in Fluffed up jacket if it comes in black grape or something else neutral . I'm also interested in Shine on CRB , but will have to try it on in store since it seems to be a size up top. I'm still waiting for &go LS dress. I got so many compliments on my Power Date dress last year, and I'm sure this will be just as great . Has anybody seen it in Canadian stores?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cristina — Did you end up buying the runderful pant and, if so, have you done a fit review on those? When they (finally) come to the US, I'd like to try them, but not sure what size to order… Thanks!

    • Deb says:

      Not Cristina, but I Didn't like them at all. One size too bid in the waist the smaller a shade too fitted. They weren't booty flattering either. Just no for me. Too bad, I was excited to get them.

    • Anonymous says:

      I love the 2 pair I received tonight in my TTS 8. I am going to use them outside for exercising, snow shovelling and inside at work in a very cold room without heat. Yes, a speech-language pathologist gets the crappy cold room in every school. I will finally be warm at work. No more thermal underwear inside with these pants.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was pretty disappointed with the upload. All I want are Runderful Pants. Since Pigment Wave hit WMTM hard, I'm banking on that for P Wind. I'll bite on the solid CRB (not Shine On) when we get it. But other than that I'm dense with P Wave already (at freaking full price). Not making that mistake again. They couldn't even sell it on WMTM as it ended up in the warehouse sale. They definitely made too much and prob didn't cut production for Wind after the Wave. 😛

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have a pair of bordeaux/bumbleberry pace tights from last winter in a 6 they would be willing to part with? Looking and the pairs on ebay are too rich for my blood. Don't have facebook, etc. This is my only outlet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The only things I like are the Heathered blue relaxed fit pants (one of my favourite pants) – worried too thin in this material though – and the berry fluffed up jacket. Definitely do not need either of them.

    Timely comments on boolux. Sure it looks pretty but who is paying $89 – sale haha – for the Find Your Mantra LS? Pillfest and snagfest. So funny how LLL's method now is to charge higher retail prices so some people think they are getting a deal on wmtm. $90 is not a deal! Not for a shirt that is guaranteed to have problems and not when $90 is often the retail price of many of their shirts.

  11. Starfighter says:

    I placed a pretty large order from WMTM and got the dreaded email: "This is in regards to your order cxxxxxxxxx. We want to let you know that one or more of the items in this order has sold out."

    They don't tell you what it is. Of course, it's likely the Open Your Heart LS because that went so fast and it's what I wanted most. I'm calling it the Breaking Your Heart LS for now :p

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