Wrap Up Jacket, Base Runner Crops, Base Runner Pant III, Tough It Out Tank

Wrap Up Jacket

Base Runner Pant III, Heathered Menthol Cool Racerback

I have this years Base Runner Pant in black and really love them. The green ones are very tempting. 

Base Runner Pant III and Tough It Out Tank

  1. Omg I wish they would have said online only when they released the wrap up jacket! I wanted to try on in store to see if I was an 8 or a 10! And then I find out "online only" so sad!

    1. If you stalk the website you could still get it as they reload returns. I have gotten many sold out items that way……��

    1. Really!?? I have my seen it! I called a few and they all
      Sounded annoyed and keep telling me to order online! Haha!!! I bet they are getting lots of phone calls! I wonder if they are coming to stores! Where have you
      Seen them?

    2. They are in Chicago in all colors. I don't like the bottom hem being a band. Since I'm short it falls at an awkward length and makes me feel like I'm wearing a baggy Nice Asana or Stride. But I'm sure it's nice on someone not 4'9"!

  2. I've just tried it on in the San Francisco on Grant street. They have it in the light pink, grey and maroon. I had to size down one.

  3. the wrap it up jacket is not in ontario stores yet – is it me, or does it look like the fabric pulls at the bottom where the zipper starts? Not sure I am liking that! I tried the coastal wrap in store, nice, but very light to wear in our winters! My savasana wrap provides more warmth! I tried on fleecy keen in white – was to die for but the back is a think micro fleece fabric that I can't really see how much use I would get – I will freeze! super cute but for $200 i don't think it is practical.

    1. The price tag is the biggest turnoff for me. I probably would have pulled the trigger at $158 or $168, though. If the part with the hood were a full liner (vest or long sleeve) it might be worth it, but you can get jackets for that price that are substantially better quality and more versatile. I'm also not loving the extra reflective tape on this year's version and some of the pics showing better detail don't make the finishes look very high quality.

  4. Bought 2 "wrap it up" online in TTS and size down (price was 138 by the way). Went with the size down. It is slouchy (almost sloppy) in the top (thus the smaller size), tight at the lower end as the pictures also show. A 2-way substantial zipper (love this, wish all LLL jackets had 2-way zippers). It is super comfy, bordeaux color is lovely, but it is definitely a casual slouchy look (on my curvy body anyway), so not sure if I will keep it or not.

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