I’m sorry, I have to rant again. This is literally the worst Fall for Lululemon in the past 6 years. Not because the product sucks (I do like a lot of the new product and the quality and design is there overall) but because they have very little product debuting and it’s just insane to me that they are continuing to segregate product offerings each week. Canada is really getting ripped off on all these new Cool Racerbacks and Go The Distance Jacket options, no Fuel Green Studio Pants and the US has been ripped off with many items as well. This is just really turning off your loyal customers. And then, because there is such little product available to debut tonight both sides have old product on the ‘What’s New’ landing page which they did last week as well. A reader just pointed out to me the joke that is the Wrap It Up Bra which is really their Wrap It Up Tanks recycled into bras. it’s true! Check out the color thumbnails. This is literally the last week of Fall product since next week is the intro to Winter and I’m shocked that Lululemon has lost so much momentum from since September. This is their busiest and highest profit season and they are just cobbling together uploads week after week, and limiting items from one country to the next. What do you guys think of this Fall/Winter vs previous years? Is it boring as *f and a major let down to you? 

The one thing that I’m looking at, besides that RULU Cool Racerback that I want and cannot get in Canada, is the new Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank.  Too bad that Canada and the US only got it in 4-12 and not the full size run like the UK got this morning. Those are really intriguing to me since they are mesh back, luxtreme front, braless and solid colors. 

The Fluffiest Vest (CAN)

Cool Racerback *RULU (US)
None for Canada of course. Instead Canada upload is populated with old release items.

Go The Distance Jacket (US)

Again, no Go The Distance Jackets for Canada. 

Kris Cross Crop (US)

Kanto Catch Me 1/2 Zip (CAN)

Can’t Stop Wont Stop Pant II (CAN)

Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank (CAN/US)

Drop It Like It’s Hot Bra

Vent It Out Singlet (US)

Energy Bra (CAN/US)

Define Jacket Herringbone (US)

Really Lululemon? We see what you did here. The Gator Green Wrap It Up Bra has the dual tone swatch which shows the color of the bottom of the tank.

  1. US side also has a ton of "old" items listed as new. The very poor-selling Fluffin' Awesome is literally the first item. And as usual, many of the product photos are TERRIBLE. I am forced to assume that items lacking in full front and back shots are ill-fitting and/or poor quality.

  2. OMG, I'm cracking up over the first review on the Find Your Mantra Pants. Pretty sad that people are buying products and giving 5 star reviews despite acknowledging the pants are going to snag and pill. Why bother?

  3. How about that "new" Wrap It Up bra for $52 – it really seems like they simply took all of the Wrap It Up tanks from WMTM and cut off the mesh body to convert it into a bra. I happen to like the Wrap It Up tanks and own 2 and the bra part is very comfortable. However, it's not a great bra for wearing under anything due to all of the pleating/ruching. If I wear a switfly over my wrap it up tanks, it looks bad because you see lots of bumps and wrinkles underneath it. Therefore, unless you intend to wear this as a bra with nothing over it, I'm not sure there's any reason you'd want to get it.

    1. And I just noticed that there are still 3 wrap it up tank colors in WMTM for $34. And these three colors are NOT available in the new wrap it up bra. So heck, if you want a wrap it up bra, buy one of the tanks off WMTM, cut off the mesh body and save yourself some money.

    2. Just posted a review for the wrap it up bra on the site with pics of the tank… which I got for $14 at the outlet. We'll see if it gets posted!

    3. A true Wrap It Up Bra would have had a straight long-line Luxtreme band making it clearly a distinct product. These are most definitely cut offs. I love that tank and bought it in black (full price, was peaved it hit WMTM) and Cranberry on WMTM. As soon as the new colors came out, I knew I'd get Cranberry on MD. I'd love a bra in solid white for some baby bump pix.

    1. Well, looks like a late addition and I ordered it because I have to size up to a 12 and those seem to sell out quickly. I really want the influx pants in plum, so this might be going right back if its not soft. It just doesn't look soft in the pictures, it looks stiff. I just love fuel green though and wish the influx came in that color.

    2. was on mobile and regular computers and it didn't show up. I clicked through every color. That herringbone one was uploaded way way early, I saw it at noon est. Now gator green is up there in a return 12. I should have bought the sapphire blue when it came out, that is more of a neutral to me.

  4. Can I ask how people are thinking of using the Drop it Like it's Hot tank? It's a cute design, but I really can't see how I'd make use of it. Seems too loose for yoga, and we're going into winter now so I won't exactly be wearing a cute tank out to walk the dog. Maybe if you are a gym-goer doing weights?

    1. Thanks, ladies. I caved. I ended up ordering the menthol in size 4 which is my CRB size. I wear a 6 in Swiftlies, though, so wasn't sure what size was best. I usually take a 4 in roomier ones, so we'll see. I work out at home and do a variety of things (kickboxing, bodyweight exercises, HIIT, dance, etc.) so I'll experiment and see what this might work with. Worst case, I can hold onto it for warmer weather, because it really would be the perfect long dog walk tank for me 🙂

    2. I'm looking at it for Crossfit. I like a nice solid coloured loose fitting tank for Crossfit and I'm also looking forward to wearing these in the warmer months. But primarily, this is right up my alley for Crossfit.

  5. Totally agree with you lulumum. I have spent hardly any money at lll this fall which is highly unusual for me. I am thankful to break my addiction, although my money has just gone to other stores instead.

  6. I am afraid Canada has likely become the poor global cousin for LLL. If, for eg., they can charge almost equivalent numbers in pounds rather than dollars (108 GBP for a define for eg, currently on the UK website)., well you can see why the good stuff is going there. I do appreciate they havent hiked up the Cdn prices because of the poor dollar, but if there are less product options then it is certainly a mixed blessing.

  7. Brutal upload as usual. No excitement here and hasn't been for me in weeks. I'm off to see what Sweaty Betty has to offer.

  8. My Fall 2015 purchases include:

    Cyber Stripe Naval Blue HTPs
    Slate Pique HTPs
    Naval Blue Inner Essence LS (WMTM)
    Camp Check Scuba
    Align Pant – Black
    Black Lighten Up Bra
    Black Sunset Salutation LS
    Black Studio Pants *Lined
    Dark Fuel Fleecy Keen
    Cranberry Wrap It Up Tank (WMTM)

    10 items total… I usually buy at least 10 items per month. Many of these items are also classics that I will wear out. Stuff is getting too boring and itchy. I'd love some items if they make it to WMTM but only my must haves make the full price cut. I'm both sad & happy that Lulu is sucking and putting last weeks news as this weeks new. I need to save $$ now and they are making it really easy for me. I want cozy and timeless with fun details that turn heads and inspire inquiry. I don't want overpriced easy to knockoff styles. Next year Target will be all over these simple designs. We finally get some good saturated colors but they're ruined by ill designed styles.

    1. Oh that is a good post. My favourites from fall have been:

      Kanto Catch Me Jacket in Black (LOVE!)
      Cyber Stripe Naval Blue HT
      Pique Slate Grey HT
      Heathered Bark Berry Scuba
      Love Tee (grey stripe and bordeaux)
      Bark Berry Sunset Salutation LS

  9. Lulu must not want our money. Why such erratic colorways? It is complete hodge podge. Bright neons are awesome in summer. It is October!!! Only out of the park item of late was the bark berry scuba – love mine too! Your IG pic inspired me to try it, LLM!

    1. I love it so much I have the absurd temptation to buy a spare in case something ever happens to it. I will not though, that is crazy talk.

  10. I really wanted Kanto LS in teal that Canada got, but US didn't . I have Drop it like its hot tank in teal and dark fuel Define in my cart right now . Was REALLY hoping for Fluffin awesome vest in gray that Canada got 3 or 4 weeks ago. Some items uploaded in Canada never get to US, like those Jet Crop slims Rulu in inkwell that were uploaded in Canada back in April and never got here:(

  11. Did anyone else notice that they put the unlined studio pants on the what's new page? In the same colours that have been sitting there for months????? I'm confused. When I first saw it, I got excited that maybe the dark fuel were finally there for Canada. What a joke!!

    My fall purchases are:
    WUP Stirrup (black & herringbone)-love!
    Sunset Salutation LS (Got all 3. This style sweater shirt really works for me)
    White Fleecy Keen Jacket. (Still might go back as I am afraid to wear it, but love it)
    Track to Reality Pant (Got those on Markdown)-love
    Heathered Bordeau CRB
    Heathered Menthol CRB

    That's it. A record low for me for any season of LLL…

  12. why do they have to put zippers on those beautiful sweaters? As far as I'm concerned they ruined a lot of nice sweaters last year with the stupid zippers, enough!!

    1. And that is why they'll hit WMTM… The zippers and the price point. With quality issues, I don't think that loyal Lulu buyers are willing to pony up anymore. And we're getting pretty savvy at predicting future WMTM items.

  13. I could not agree more that this year's collection has been lacking big time..a few gems as mentioned above but nothing like years past…And the excitement for this Lulu addict is waning , very sad 🙁

  14. Feel like the odd one out, because I got the fuel green and black herringbone defines, bon bon CRB (same size as First Base?), black healthy heart, and my happy surprise roll down WUP in diamond jacquard slate (so I can return the regular waist WUP I bought last week). Also bought another black Align pant this week, as I'm choosing these for hot yoga every single time.

    1. Jealous, I really wanted the RULU Bon Bon CRB but Canada didn't get it.
      I have Roll Down Diamond Jacquard WUC's but in the Jewelled Magenta from Spring/Summer and I really love them. You will like the WUP's.

  15. The can't stop won't stop pant is from last weeks upload. There is barely anything new which makes me sad as I was really hoping I would be able to treat myself to something today.

  16. I agree with you Lulumum that this upload is very boring and there is not one thing I want to buy. This is my list of Fall purchases:

    Kanto Catch Me Jacket – Black – Very happy with this purchase.
    Fleecy Keen Jacket – Fuel Green – Love it.
    Rest Less Pullover – Heathered Ultra Violet. I finally got something in this colour and I love it.
    Think Fast Pullover – My favourite rulu top ever!!! I purchased the Inkwell one last year and got the heathered black herringbone this year.
    On The Double Pullover – Heathered Bark Berry that has a bit a light blue threading. I really like the fit of this pullover on me and would love to see more colours especially deep zinfendel.

    I am really not liking Rulu product in heathered colours, I think it makes it look cheap and that is the last thing I want when wearing LLL. I am also not liking the snake print and stripes in swiftlies and am tired of the heathered as well. I have enough heathered swiftlies and because I wear them everyday I am hoping to see a better print released soon or some saturated solids. I would really like to see the tone on tone abstract flower print from 5+ years ago make a return.

    One of my major beefs with Lululemon this year has been the unfair placing of product and colours. Why does Lululemon need buyers on their payroll? In my opinion all that is needed is one person overseeing how product does in each major market/country and make adjustments accordingly. Yes LLL, I know when it's summer in Austrailia that Canada won't get the same product but when summer comes to Canada we still don't get certain product that Austrailia just had, i.e. Lighten Up Singlet in Stained Glass Love Pow Pink or Yoga Cabin Crops. Stop the madness LLL and give all major markets the same product and same colours when their season dictates it. My patience is running thin waiting for Canada to get lined DSP in fuel green and the Swiftly S/S in forage green.

  17. Boring as *F* is exactly what I'd call it too…the only thing I have purchased from Lululemon in the last 2 months is a stress less hoodie (Bordeaux) and a scrunchie. I'm been spending elsewhere, Lulu…are you listening? Hardtail, Free People, Lole…

  18. Uninterested and they have definitely lost most of my business. I mainly cannot stand the substandard quality now and ugly or uninspiring, unappealing designs of most items. And ever increasing prices! (I refuse. Sucker written all over that). In general lots of miscalculations by LLL: reducing quality, less design details (aka cost savings), ugly designs or too much mesh, product not made available to NA customer (even Canadian and US customers treated differently)

    – regal plum CRB
    – heathered fatigue s/s swiftly on md
    – cranberry Bhakti yoga jacket from Wmtm
    – flow y bra from wmtm

    Those are my fall purchases. Summer a CRB, ftbw bra, city skirt (last on md)

    I used to spend thousands a month. Not anymore! I actually now find it pretty amusing that they are so clueless. And it's safe to say I don't have any faith in Laurent P. He's only alienating and losing the NA customers. Quite foolish.

    Harsh words perhaps but I call it as I see it.

  19. Fall purchases (Aug-Oct):
    -Pink lemonade energy bra & CRB
    -White run times
    -Secret Garden trackers randomly from WMTM
    -Pique Bhakti yoga jacket from WMTM (already has seam issue, so I'll be taking that in for repair/return)

    I ordered a few other items (cyber stripe HTs, pique HTs, etc) but returned all of them due to sheerness issues. The price increases have really turned me off, along with persistent quality issues. My fave fall purchase is an amazing pair of textured $20 pants from TJ Maxx that are totally opaque and flattering. No need for lulu's sheer $98 pique pants. I hope the quality improves soon…I'm definitely losing interest.

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