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Rebel Runner Crops, Kanto Catch Me LS Dark Fuel, Kanto Catch Me 1/2 Zip, Scuba Hoodie III Heathered Deep Camo, Wineberry Daily Practice Jacket, Fleecy Keen Jacket, Tough It Out Tank

October 14, 2015

Thanks so much to reader Ms. A for sharing these detail shots of the new Rebel Runner Crops. My store didn’t have these in today or anything else new so I don’t have a fit review post for you today unfortunately. I will try to get one for you this week from both Lululemon and another none Lululemon fit review. 

Rebel Runner Crops

Kanto Catch Me LS Dark Fuel/Forage Teal

Kanto Catch Me 1/2 Zip

Scuba Hoodie III Heathered Deep Camo

Fuel Green Swiftly LS

Daily Practice Jacket Wineberry

Fleecy Keen Jacket

I checked this out in store today (didn’t try it on) and the entire hoodie is reflective where as last years was not. There are also some mesh detailing (the criss cross mesh, not the full mesh) on this years that last years didn’t have.

Tough It Out Tank

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12 responses to “Rebel Runner Crops, Kanto Catch Me LS Dark Fuel, Kanto Catch Me 1/2 Zip, Scuba Hoodie III Heathered Deep Camo, Wineberry Daily Practice Jacket, Fleecy Keen Jacket, Tough It Out Tank”

  1. stylistadiva1 says:

    Are the Rebel Runner crops from a US store? My Canadian store didn't have them in either. Though they had the Fleecy Keen jackets & Kanto Catch Me LS in, they didn't have them in the Fuel Green color, which is what I was wanting.

  2. reya says:

    Yes it wasn't a full size run either and it was the only color. The educator said she didn't think they were supposed to go out until Friday because they only received a few random pairs. I'd say check again Friday 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you elaborate about the mesh detailing on the Fleecy Keen? I can't imagine why a fleece would need mesh! What is criss cross mesh? Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Off topic but I'm debating whether or not to get the pique Bhakti jacket on wmtm. Anyone have it or seen it in person? Is it a soft, cozy, "fuzzy" pique like used in skinny will pants a couple years ago? Or is it less soft, more like the jacquard fabric? I want it to be cozy soft, like a pique or herringbone woven. I'm curious why all the other colors sold out and this one is left in all sizes but 10 and 12. Something weird with it? Thanks in advance! Any input appreciated.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's less soft. I myself bought it but it's not fuzzy like how the herringbone think fast from last year was on the inside or not as soft as my pique vinyasa from two years ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the pique bhakti jacket, and I think it is soft. I purchased it in my define size which is a size up for me (also my swiftly size). I don't think it feels as thick or heavy as the jacquard fabric. Some reviewers say to size down in it. I have actually just ordered it in my usual, tts size, because I love it and I think my tts will fit me better. I hope this helps!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think anon 11:42 has a great point. The bhakti isn't as soft as the pique vinyasa, but if you remember the silver spoon pique define from spring 2012, which was a soft pique, I think the bhakti pique is like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your help everyone! I'm still on the fence. Not sure what size to order, and I don't want to be stuck with a jacket that doesn't fit. I have a size 6 pique Forme that fits perfectly, and a size 8 black luon define. I have a white size 6 Bhakti from last year, but it's pretty snug and I don't reach for it as often. I might have chosen the 6 for the fit through the shoulders and arms as mentioned by others. Wish I could remember! I'll try it on again when I get home from work… Hopefully the pique one is still online and I can decide then. Again, thank you everyone for the helpful input! Much appreciated! And you too Lulumum, for all your blogging efforts!

    • Anonymous says:

      I usually buy an 8 in tanks and I'm a 6 in the forme. I ended up buying the green and the pique in a 6 because the 8 looked a little sloppier. I'm only planning on wearing a tshirt or tank underneath. It fits like the models on the website.

    • Anonymous says:

      Comment may be too late and I cannot speak to the pique material, however, I purchased the Bhakti jacket in size 4 instead of size 6 (I can wear a 4 or 6 depending on the jacket) in cranberry. The 6 was not as flattering and the main problem was all the material at the top at the front. It was just schlumpy and unattractive. 6 was overall looser through the body and not as flattering. The size 4 is more suitable for the style of jacket and I am happy with my decision. I can wear a CRB and swiftly l/s underneath but because I do see the jacket as more of a sweater type piece in Fall, I will probably wear a CRB and s/s T underneath. I did read many reviews for the jacket (before I was able to try it on) because I thought I was going with a 6. Once I tried it on I got what many customers were saying about too much material up top if they had sized up. Also, even though I am small busted, if I COULD fill out the size 4, there is room haha.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bought the pique Bhakti before it went to WMTM and returned it. I'd say the material was less soft, but not stiff, if that makes sense. I just found the construction really odd in both my regular size and a size up. There was a lot of extra material at the back of the neck (and I don't have a short neck). I thought the whole neck and shoulder area looked sloppy and poorly constructed, and I couldn't make it work so the "extra" material had somewhere to go – this could have had something to do with the difference between the pique material and the black contrasting material used. Sizing up obviously didn't fix this issue and just made the whole thing look even sloppier.

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