Daily Practice Jacket (US and Canada)

There was a herringbone colorway too in this jacket and all of a sudden it’s completely gone. Boo! Nevermind it popped back up!

Universal Wrap (CAN/US)



  1. August 27, 2015 / 4:25 pm

    eeeek! Those remind me of the after asana jacket! Love!!!!!

  2. August 27, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    Long length WITH A HOOD! Sapphire blue?! Sold. Haha it's so pretty! Herringbone not on US side. Why is the girl with the grey so angry? Lol

  3. Anonymous
    August 27, 2015 / 4:42 pm

    Jut noticed the The Happy Strappy Tank in 3 colorways on the US side..or has it been there? (pink lemonade, black, mini-pop stripe).some Wanderlust kiminos in Medium and Large on the US side.

  4. Anonymous
    August 27, 2015 / 4:45 pm

    I saw the lighten up bra too. Not sure if that was there before. Looks like a modified ftbw bra.

  5. August 27, 2015 / 4:53 pm

    The diversity bag is back up as well

    • August 27, 2015 / 4:58 pm

      yes in both colors + other wanderlust items, the pants, kiminos + bra's…..

  6. Anonymous
    August 27, 2015 / 5:01 pm

    I can't find the new stuff…link to Canadian surprise upload please! TIA

    • Lulumum
      August 27, 2015 / 5:03 pm

      It's not on the main landing page. you have to go to each individual category and look through. I saw the above jackets under 'jackets and hoodies', also the US has Wanderlust items. Tons of restocks

  7. Anonymous
    August 27, 2015 / 5:35 pm

    They uploaded 2 more colors of the Scuba Hoodie III in the US too!

  8. Anonymous
    August 27, 2015 / 5:37 pm

    Oh! And 2 more on Scuba Hoodie II too šŸ™‚

  9. August 27, 2015 / 5:50 pm

    Some polka dot scuba in the U.S.
    This is so weird
    Also, the FULL size run that went up on WMTM of the secret garden tracker shorts….

    • Anonymous
      August 27, 2015 / 8:11 pm

      Just checked out WMTM… there is some weird stuff up there today!

  10. Anonymous
    August 27, 2015 / 6:06 pm

    The new jackets look really nice.

    I've had my eye on the new Heathered Slate Stillness Pants and the Black Butterfly Texture Scuba II, so last night before bed decided to go ahead and order them. Today after checking out the site (I confess, I do so regularly!) I see that both of these items have new reviews up, and of course, on both the items I ordered the reviews are saying to be cautious of size for both the slate pants and the butterfly hoodie!!!! I already purchased the Black and the Cranberry pants in store last week so was sure the size I chose for the slate would be the right decision. I sized down, and a reviewer mentioned sizing down for both the black and the cranberry as well, but that the grey was tighter and to stay with usual size!!!! Now I'm worried šŸ™

    Then, I see that there is a new review for the Scuba, and it says the Butterfly one is fitting a whole size larger than all the other Scubas in same size and that they went with the smaller size!! Of course, not knowing this last night, I ordered the same size I do for the rest of my Scuba IIs, I like the way they fit in my usual size and have tried a size up and do not like the size up! Not happy right now.

    Seems like I might have had a bit of bad luck. Has anyone else tried these items on and can comment on how they're fitting compared to the other colours? It would be a huge help to hear some other opinions. I know with reviews sometimes it's worked out that I'm very thankful that I didn't choose to listen, but these two reviews sound like they might be good ones to listen to. I'm worried now.

    • Anonymous
      August 27, 2015 / 6:14 pm

      I forgot to mention, I don't live close to a store, and was lucky to be able to make it in to a store last week! So returns and exchanges, popping in to try stuff on, is not an easy thing for me. Would be very thankful for any thoughts from anyone who has tried these items please, and thank you so much in advance.

  11. Sophie
    August 27, 2015 / 7:09 pm

    Bummer no herringbone practice jacket for the US! But that sapphire blue is coming home with me. I wish they would have sneak uploaded some speed tights though…the suspense is killing me!

  12. Anonymous
    August 27, 2015 / 7:38 pm

    Sunset Salutation LS was uploaded to the US site this morning also. I know it's kind of plain for the price but I love the Angel Wing and it's not sheer! I stayed with my tts 6.

    • Anonymous
      August 27, 2015 / 8:54 pm

      Hey anon, I take a 2 in the CRB but 4 in scuba, wraps, etc. Would you recommend sticking with the 4 for this? I am a 32DD/E if that helps. Thank you in advance!

    • Anonymous
      August 27, 2015 / 10:17 pm

      I would probably go with a 4. I take a 4-6 in CRB and I tried my size up (8) and it was really baggy in the tummy area and loose around the bottom.

  13. August 27, 2015 / 10:25 pm

    Well I was all excited that I didn't order anything this week, but with the new colors uploaded in the Scuba Hoodie III *Terry I had to try the Marled Black one (got the regular Heathered Black Scuba III a few weeks ago and wear it all the time here in SF) and then there were some goodies on WMTM, so now I have a 5 item order coming my way. Decided to give the Lighten Up bra a try – I love my FTBWs, but now everyone has them. I like the idea of this one as a fancier version. Anyone tried it?

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