Yikes! That was a big upload! And it happened pretty early too at about 3:15. I had my email out to my newsletter subscribers the minute I saw the upload. Wanderlust items, Pretty Plume items, run items…. so much pretty! right before Seawheeze, too. I ordered the Diversity Bag for a friend who is out of town and hopefully that order fills for her. For myself I ordered the Casbah Kimono in the Mosaic Print and the Pretty Plume High Times Pants. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the pants as they are kinda loud but I wanted to try them on. Feeling tempted by the Nook Tank, the Dance To Yoga Pant, the Mosaic Highest Times Pant and the Jet Crops. But I’m behaving and not ordering. 

What did you order? did you lose your heads with this upload? 

Casbah Kimono (US and Canada)

Highest Times Pant (US and Canada)

Diversity Bag (US and Canada)

The Nook Tank (US and Canada)

Rue Boheme Bra (US)

High Times Pant *Wrap Mesh (US and Canada)

Dance To Yoga Pant (Canada)

Dance To Yoga Tank (US and Canada)

Scuba Hoodies (Canada)

Inspire Tight (US)

Jet Crop Slim *Luon (US and Canada)

Jet Crop Slim *Luxtreme (US)

Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip Alarming (Canada)

Wunder Under Crop *Mesh (Canada)

Wunder Under Pant (Canada)

In Flux Jacket (Canada)

Ebb To Street Tank (US and Canada)

Pack It Vest (US)

Pack It Jacket (US)

Wunder Under Pant Roll Down (US)

  1. Thanks for the update!! I got the nook tank, highest times pants and the bag! There's a chance I'll return some of it, but I figure better to get it and decide than not get it and regret it!

  2. Got the kimono, another Nook tank in white (I have three All Tied Up tanks and the Nook tank in gray – love 'em), and the Plume High Times.

  3. Yay, got the bag in the print. I bought it in coal in the store. At the time, they said all sales were final with wanderlust items. I wonder if this is still the case?

  4. Wow, I'm really impressed with the upload we got here in Canada! There are so many things I want to purchase right now!

  5. Wow! Some things went so fast. I has each color of the xs kimono in my cart but the dark one disappeared! So now I have a small coming in one color and an xs in the other color! Oh well. Surprised it was so popular though. Doesn't seem like the usual must have item. I just want to lounge about my house ('in style' lol) with mine. Looks awesome for that!

  6. Bought the plume high times and diversity bag. There were a few stressful moments when Lululemon kept stating that they didn't have my shipping address. After entering the order 3 times, it finally went through. Happy.

  7. I kept getting the error with address message too so I changed it to my parents' address (they live 5 minutes from me and I've had my Lulu shipped there before) and it went through first try. Weird.

    This was the best upload I've seen from Lulu in a loooong time. So many pretty things it was hard to choose!

  8. Hope the pretty plume high times are similar to what we see on the model. Is there tons of variation in that print?

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. You'd think they have to do the light at the bottom b/c it goes with the light trim. But you never know with Lulu.

    2. I was in store today and saw the Pretty Plume WU crops. They had two in my size, but the butt area was more than half white in both. I'd have wanted a dark upper section. I didn't even try them on.

      I did try the LE WU crops, but the light grey didn't do it for me. They were a generous cut (I could have sized down if I'd liked them more) but the waist is ridiculous high. I love HTs and RD WUs, and the waist on these felt like it was in my armpits. Easy easy skip.

      I did pounce on the Winged Mosaic Diversity Bag though. My order confirmation came through at 6:31. Hope that's early enough to avoid a cancellation. I've never had that happen but I live in fear on items I love that sell out quickly.

    3. I bought them in store today and got a pair that are mostly dark, lighter on one lower leg and a bit in front. Most of the pairs are half light on the bum. I love the print.

    4. I wonder too. I hope because of the lower leg detailing that the print is consistently darker up top and lighter in the lower leg.

  9. I'M SOOOOO thankful that I checked your blog and saw the upload link. Otherwise, I would've missed out!!! I can't believe how many things are already sold out. This is definitely the first upload I've been this excited about in a long time. I can't wait until mail day!!!!

    1. I get the link out and my email out first before I do anything else, including check out for myself. Then it's a mad dash to order an item, then put up pictures.

  10. Does anyone know how dashing purple compares to bordeaux drama? I've got inspires in bordeax and think the purple inspire tights may be just a tad too similar for my taste.

    1. I haven't seen them next to each other but they are quite similar. I saw the dashing inspires in store yesterday and picked them up (they are beauties) and I thought they were either plum or bordeaux. I think they are purpler than both plum and bordeaux and bordeaux is way browner but they are similar color family.

  11. Dang Lulu and their unpredictable upload times! By the time I checked, the Pretty Plume high times were mostly sold out. Couldn't pull the trigger on the dance to yoga tank in PP. So nothing but the Iris Flower Ebb to Street tank for me.

  12. Anon 4:28 – They are already out, at least on the US side. I just got mine today and I'm returning them because they are way sheer.

  13. Got the pretty plume high times! 12s were sold out when I got on, but I couldn't pass them up, so I sized down. Im usually in between sizes. So excited to receive them!

  14. LLM I know you got the serenity pants last time they came out and I regretted not getting them. So I was thinking of getting them this time. How have they held up? Is there a lot of pilling between the legs? I know this year there is a waist band rolling issue but they are so soft.

    1. I have the green ones from last year and I think they've held up well to washing. The inner thigh is only slightly sueded (although I don't wear them tons). The waist band did roll a bit but since they are sweats I don't really care too much. They are so soft that they are perfect at home pants for sicky days or lazy weekends. Or running to the corner store. haha! I definitely recommend an item in Modal cotton – it's luxuriously soft.

    1. I refuse to count how many I have. Not gonna do it. But I justify it as being my put together sweat pants since I don't really have sweat pants I wear out otherwise.

  15. LLM – did you use the bra cups in the Run Stuff Your Bra? Just wondering since it seems thicker, if I will need them or not. With the Dance to yoga tank, did you go with CRB size or other? I take a 6 in most tops & tanks, but an 8 in bras. Thanks! (So sad I missed your early upload email BTW so I missed out on the Diversity bag – literally had it in my checkout and it sold out just as I was finishing the checkout steps! Boo!)

    1. Oh no! Are you signed up for the emails and didn't get one or did you just miss seeing it?

      I always wear cups in my RSYB. It's not actually too much thicker since the inside material is double layer circle mesh and it's only the outside material that is luxtreme. It's my new favourite bra and it's all I've worn for sea wheeze training.
      The Dance To Yoga Tank I went with my CRB size. The bra didn't feel tight like it sometimes does with Power Y's.

    2. I was signed up, but realized I haven't been receiving anything lately. I just signed up again and it seems to be working now. Thanks!

    1. I don't think so. The scratch match black multi looks like a matte print on top. But these resemble the cyber stripe silver fox line bottoms except in black with the occasional white stripe.

      I'll be looking out for these.

    2. Are they the Scratch Match Black Multi Inspire Crops that are on the US side right now? The thumbnail looks black but if you click on it you can see print.

    1. more or less… it's an open back and flowy bottom, so would be tempting to size down, but then you'd be losing the integrity of the design IMHO

    2. I am usually a 6 in Lulu tops, but I went with the 4 and it fit perfectly. (5'5, 125lbs, 34B) Its the exact fit of the all tied up tank.

  16. I was a good girl. I only bought the diversity bag in the print…

    okay okay, full disclosure: I already bought the mosaic print kimono, navy high times, navy shala bra, and grey nook tank in store. and the wanderlust book. and a coal diversity bag (i'm totally keeping both – lol).

    I certainly hope that the bulk of things weren't scooped up to be resold on ebay at redonkulous prices. sigh.

    Bring on the Autumn vests. I'm ready this year!!

    1. ooh. I went a little nutty with the vests last fall. I'd have to sell one or two if a nice one comes up this year.

  17. I know everyone her is happy with the upload….but I was really disappointed that Canada did not get the slim jet crops in gator green. The US side seems to be getting everything I want these days.

  18. Yesterday I ordered the new heathered dashing purple l/s swiftly from the upload and bought the pretty plume wunder unders in store(need to cherry pick pattern placement). I missed out on the print in the diversity bag. This morning I got an email from Wanderlust (I'm going to Whistler) with a link to the lulu app showing the Wanderlust collection and was able to order the bag in the print. Now 30 mins later going into the app on its own the bag isn't available. We shall see if it ships 🙂

  19. I was really looking forward to the dance to yoga pants in the pretty plume 🙁 I hope we see them in the U.S. soon…

    1. they should get them in store late this week or early next week (Canada). It's not part of wanderlust, so should be able to find them in store (that's what I was told! We'll see!)

  20. Has anyone's order shipped (U.S.) that ordeered at upload yesterday? I'm worried that my high times won't ship!

    1. I decided to keep the print. All other lulu bags come in black/coal but only diversity in this pretty print. Mostly my wardrobe is neutral though so the bag would be a nice statement piece.

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