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Fit Review: Pretty Plume High Times Mesh, Wanderlust Highest Times Winged Mosaic White Naval

July 30, 2015

Busy mail day today! Tuesday’s order just arrived and after trying on a full length luon bottoms I am sweltering. If you where wondering what these pants looked like on a curvy figure, here you have it. 

The Pretty Plume High Times I’m liking a lot actually. I thought I’d try them on and hate them on me due to being curvy, the print and that it’s a light color. Actually, I really like them and I find them much more flattering than I expected. Even with the owl eyes up top.  I ordered my TTS 10 and they are hard to put on, even over the calves. Very little stretch in these and it seems like it’s a new luon blend material for lululemon. Snug compressive fit and very little sheerness for such a light color. The material reminds me of Onzie but way more substantial.  I suggest staying TTS and battling putting these on because once they are on they are perfect. sizing down would be totally impossible. I’m a bit torn though because despite loving these I’m not sure I’d actually be courageous enough to wear something like this to Crossfit (I’m starting that up full force in September), and I doubt I’d wear these casually. There is my dilemma with pretty lulu pieces where the prettyness overrides it’s function. 

As far as sheerness goes, I did a full squat test on these and was very surprised they aren’t more sheer. You can slightly see the rip tag (but that is expected) but you can’t really see anything else. For such light colors I’m impressed at how opaque it is. 

Pretty Plume High Times *Mesh

Pretty Plume High Times *Mesh

Pretty Plume High Times *Mesh

Wanderlust Highest Times Winged Mosaic White Naval

These are my TTS 10 again and these where much harder to pull on over my hips than the ones above. I think these have even less stretch so you really have to hike them up high or you get pulling down (due to my quads pulling them down) and then you get the bunching in odd places. Hike them up all the way and adjust the material. Still I’d stay TTS in these and battle getting them on because once they are on and adjusted they fit right. Definitely do not size down in these. I’m less likely to keep these than I am the ones above because I find them really busy and again, I’d never wear them to crossfit and the are a little fancy with the mesh for day wear. Beautiful print though. 

Wanderlust Highest Times Winged Mosaic White Naval

Wanderlust Highest Times Winged Mosaic White Naval

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12 responses to “Fit Review: Pretty Plume High Times Mesh, Wanderlust Highest Times Winged Mosaic White Naval”

  1. LoungingLulu says:

    They look awesome on you and are nice and slimming, with a solid top you can pull it off! Keep!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love both those on you! The mosaic navy/white would look great with grapefruit top too. I didn't get them but I have a bit of regret. I can't wait to get my HT plumes – we get our stuff on Tuesday from uploads….The detail along the bottom of the leg is what sold me on them as I was not really liking the Owl eye print. I also think you can pair lots of solid deep colours with them – or even just white would look pretty.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I looked at pics before reading your commentary. My two cents: HT Pretty Plume look good on you! Not feeling the Wanderlust ones though. But if you're already doubting you'll wear them then return them. My experience is those items sit with tags on. You know something you absolutely love will be coming down the pipes very soon!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the plumes on you keep them!!! I checked at 640pm eastern that night and was too late to snag them. I might go for WU crops in that print now if I can locate any. kas

  5. Sophie says:

    I honestly really like them both on you, but I think I'm of the same mindset about their busyness so I understand you being on the fence. Looking at them side by side, I actually think I prefer the Winged Mosaic ones on you by just a hair! I wasn't brave enough to order them (I ordered the Iris Flower ones instead), but if I were a smidge bolder I would have gotten these. I think they're really flattering on you. I like the Pretty Plume ones too but for some reason I feel the bottom leg detail is competing with the bold print. Having said that, if somebody returns them in my size I'm might have to try them lol. Anyway, they both look great on you so you would be justified to keep both, and if you do, wear them to crossfit! YOLO!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Although they both look fine on you, I dislike the look of the second pair in general.

  7. Anonymous says:

    you are rocking the pretty plumes – keep them! they are so pretty and very flattering on you – it's good to push our comfort zones :-).

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just received my pretty plume high times pants. While I love the print these pants are extremely constricting. It was not a pretty sight trying them on. I think I do need to size up in order to not stretch the print out further. Unfortunately they are sold out online. So bummed! Beautiful print but I think they will get filthy if I wear them when doing crossfit.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The pretty plumes are gorgeous. Love them on you

  10. Anonymous says:

    You look fab in the pretty plume ht. keep!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Actually prefer the Wanderlust on you rather than the plume…The wanderlust looks very slimming on you! And yeah, tho they are somewhat "busy", I don't think it's substantively more "busy" than the plume.

  12. tljjazzy says:

    Love both of these on you!

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