by Cristina

Wanderlust 2015

June 5, 2015

The High Times in this purple are solid, no print.

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  1. Rungirl7 says:

    Are those purple high times part of the wanderlust edition?

  2. Rungirl7 says:

    Thank you!! I am loving that color!!

  3. Rungirl7 says:

    Just a note I was able to purchase the highest time pant in iris flower from a Bostonstore and have them shipped!

    • yogibabe says:

      I got it shipped from NY. Boston store told me they've decided not to ship when I ccalled. You're lucky…and I'm lucky too!

  4. lulu says:

    I got both the black bag and the print bag..I wanted the highest time printed pants but those were all gone…the only reason I ended up with a black bag because it was the second to the last store I got through to and they had one back bag left..In my opinion it doesn't scream wanderlust , nothing all that different . But my last call got me the printed bag and I am thrilled so I may just return the black bag when I get it. The iris Highest of times is a beautiful color but really other than the logo which will be rarely visible I don't think they are anything special..IMHO

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