Thanks to a reader for sharing her Wanderlust 2015 finds. The Kimono is just gorgeous! I’ve actually been hunting for a similar styled silk Kimono Cardigan to wear as a cover-up in the summer (like this style, or this one) and am so excited to see this one. I’ll have to make time for the Whistler Wanderlust this summer.

Apparently stores in New York City have the entire line in, including a Purple Iris High Times Tech Mesh with this print, High Times in the dark butterfly print and a Diversity Bag in White/Navy. Some readers are having success with calling the stores for Charge-Sends so give it a try. If anyone spots a photo or gets takes a photo from the store and would like to share, I’d love to post it here on the blog. email me at [email protected]

Casbah Kimono

  1. Purple iris high times tech mesh are in stores on display with something that looks like this but in the heat wave print. Surprise!!

  2. Mesh high times in the kimono print. Mesh high times in the butterfly print (with the dark background). Diversity bag in the white/navy print. NY stores have them, like Soho and Union Square

    1. the stores are all sold out of the butterfly print. don't even bother going over. i was at all three stores

  3. AHHH i live within walking distance of the soho, union square, and meatpacking stores but i work out on LONG ISLAND NOOO ugh please share more pix lulumum!

    1. Just sent my friend to Union Square store an hour ago and all pants are already sold out. They opened less than 3 hours ago!

  4. Other stores in the East Coast area are also posting stuff about wanderlust. Maybe this time I'll be lucky to get my hands on some of the goodies.

    1. all the patterned WANDERLUST products have been scooped up by two women this morning in the NYC stores. I was told this at 10:45am when I went to buy a pair of High Times mesh… whatever! They told the educators that they were "angeling" them. They told another store they are buying them for their Luluaddict friends who can't get their hands on the Highest Times Pant. They told the 3rd store they are from California and buying them for their friends and family all attending Wanderlust…. Karma is a bitch!

  5. I just called a couple of NY stores (I am out in California) and they said NO PHONE orders today (Friday). Items were for in-store guests, and they would be taking orders over the phone tomorrow (Saturday).

    1. When I called, they said a couple of ladies had came in yesterday and scooped up a bunch of Wanderlust items and they had limited quantities left.

    2. I was told two women went into all three shops IN NYC and scooped up all the patterned wanderlust pants in every size. FUDGE!!!

  6. the Kimono is horrendous. I tried it on and it's a huge shapeless sack. DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO BUYING KIMONO especially on Ebay!

  7. My friend was shopping in the union square store and asking about wanderlust items when another woman walked in and asked to speak to a specific educator. She was then shown to the back- presumably not to pick up a CRB on hold….

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