by Cristina


June 30, 2015

The US got a bigger product drop than Canada did but I was really surprised that US didn’t get those Pace Rival Crops in Stripe Play Slate or Wee Are From Space like the US stores did last week. Lots of other goodies though, including an Alarming Cool Racerback for the US! Both Canada and the Us got the To & Flow Wrap in Iris so I went ahead and ordered that. I didn’t try it on in store but I felt the material and it felt incredibly soft like modal, not stretch french terry. Oh well. The style reminds me a lot of the old Dance Pulse Wrap from 2009. I’m not sure I’ll keep it but I definitely wanted to try one on and I’m curious to see if there is a cinch on the inside to bring in the waist a bit. I’m also liking the Black/Gold What The Sport Tee and the Stripe Play Inspires that the US got, and the Iris Sweaty Or Not Crops which are online only. 

Did you order anything tonight? 

To And Flow Wrap

Run Inspire Crop

Sweaty Or Not Tank

Sweaty Or Not Bra

Sweaty Or Not Crop *Online Only

Step Lively Crop

Run Top Speed Crop

Inspire Tight

High Times Pant Reversible

Ebb To Street Pant

Alarming CRB

What The Sport Tee

What The Sport Tee Light

Seamlessly Street Crops

Speed Shorts

Super Squad Short

Cardio Squad Tank

Wrap It Up Tank Bali Breeze

Wrap It Up Tank

Breezy Singlet

Hot Times LS *Online Only

Sweaty Or Not Runsie

Runbeam Hoodie

Studio Pant Dashing Purple

High Times Pant Shady Palm

Run Times Short

Straight Up Tank

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17 responses to “Upload!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    so disappointing – nothing for canada – i wanted the wrap it up tank and amala – but not the purple or bali colours – boo. To top it off the cyber stripe high times weren't uploaded – and i received my grapefruit CRBs today (finally) and they are neon – yuck – material is great but neon colour is so outdated. Old Navy colours – yuck! I wanted the alarming red wrap it up since i figure the grapefruit will be too neon – so nothing this week. I will go back now and get the iris WU – lol – from last week.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cyber strip high times are in Canadian stores….with no zip though.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes, I have checked with 5 stores and not one has a pair that stripes line up on bum. Some stores were sold out by the time I called them – LOL, when I called my store Friday morning to ask if they got them my ed said no just the stuff uploaded on tuesday – he didn't check, otherwise I would have called around Friday instead of Sunday.

  2. janine57 says:

    Neon colors are for running to keep people visible and safe.;-)

    • Anonymous says:

      good point, but I can't understand why they would make the wrap it up tank in neon grapefruit, as I don't think that is the kind of tank I would wear running….yoga, body pump….yes. Maybe if they used a heathered grapefruit for the wrap it up, it would look nicer. Irrespective, I will try it when it comes to Canada. I do have some bleached coral from last year, and the colour varied depending on what material was used. The swiftly is softer than the luxtreme.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Weren't the shady print high times released last week?

  4. Lululover says:

    Nothing for me this week, so glad

  5. Sophie says:

    On the contrary, this was an expensive one for me LOL. We had the gator green ITFs, poseidon and dashing purple ombre SSs, the sweaty or not iris flower/floral backdrop crops…plus those awesome gator green print Ebb to Streets I was drooling over a few weeks ago! This was too good a week for me, I'm afraid.

    • Anonymous says:

      Expensive for me too! I couldn't say no to to the grapefruit and heathered black and gold what the sport tees, the reversible high times (though I do not think they will look good on me, I can't usually rock light colored bottoms but wanted to order them to try anyway) and the alarming CRB. I also threw in a pair of sweat cuffs because it felt silly to order just them a few days ago when I knew this upload was coming. I wanted the grapefruit (love neon!) and the gator green crbs but spent just too much on other stuff. Maybe next week!

  6. Anonymous says:

    just the alarming CRB for me. glad to see a couple of solid colors trickling out — at last!

  7. Stylistadiva1 says:

    WTF on the Pace Rivals?! Was expecting that they'd be uploaded for sure US and was hoping Canada too.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if there will be an WMTM tomorrow for Canada Day – lol to make up for poor upload. I wonder if stores will have good WMTM on Thursday morning when they open….any intel lulumum?

  9. Lulumum says:

    Thanks Anon. I've deleted but please feel free to email me at [email protected].

  10. Jessica says:

    Did US get the grapefruit high times? Or did they sell out?

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