1. LLM question for you: I remember you mentioned that Jet crop slim was made of Rulu? Bc it says Luxtreme I hesitated and thought I should ask you first, thanx!

    1. The crosscourt petal ones where luxtreme (love those) and the Deep Inkwell ones where RULU (love those even more. I didn't love the solid black luxtreme ones because of the sheen but I do like these grey ones.

  2. I don't think LLL likes Canada anymore. I have watched the various uploads over the past year, and clearly, their priorities have moved to other markets. Hmmmm.

    1. I agree as well. I see so many amazing styles and colours in the US, UK and Hong Kong that never get over to Canada! It's been WEEKS since anything has caught my eye on the Canadian side!

  3. It is strange…I am in US and I guess it was better overall but some things are frustrating and UK did get the mother load…why no seamlessly crops in all the fun 2-tone colors 🙁

  4. I only got the Hot Times skirt from HK. I'm interested in the floral FTBW, but as a larger busted girl I have to try it on to see if it fits me at all. I have one in the mail, but it's yet to reach me.

    1. They feel similar to ITF because it's the same fabric and waist but they're cut more like the WUC. ITF has the bunching at the side so they end up sitting a little below the knee. SS crop come down the same length as WUC. At least on me. I am 5'6"

  5. Hi Lulumum! Do you know which tank the model is wearing with the Party Palm Gator Green Pace Rival Crops? I can't seem to find it. Is it new? I got the crops and they're already sold out! Thanks!

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