1. omg – is that wrap it up tank red? wow – I gotta have it! I see that the grapefruit CRB is about as neon as the stripe in the bleacher strip CRB – not sure I'm gonna like my CRBs. I returned one of the 2 sizes I ordered in pistachio and finally did wear the CRB even though I wasn't sure of the neon look to it. Its OK, probably won't be my favourite. I noticed on a LLL911 feed that a pistachio was up to $77 – darn I returned the size I didn't need and the ED snatched it up. I just don't know how to sell on those sites so I don't want to risk it. But then again I don't have time just for the sake of making a few dollars!

    1. I saw the Wrap It Up briefly in store this morning and it's an orange red. Like Alarming or maybe one of the more recent corals.
      Wow, $77 for Pistachio? That is crazy! I haven't taken the tags off mine yet.

  2. Oh my, what’s with neon green that got everyone crazy!! Never saw it in stores in Montreal. I'm wondering whether it never dropped or the eds got them all, never cared that much though. Not my colour type.
    I'm uber curious about the other speeds that Canada is supposed to get along with the iris stripped ones (according to Katelin).

  3. Love the pistachio green great running color! I missed out had a work meeting in 45 minutes all sold out. I might get those hotty shorts but a bit short for me.

  4. i thought I had seen the wrap it up tanks for $58 on a website – us maybe? Looks like they are up to $64 now – or maybe I saw wrong! hmmnn!

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