I’ve been on the hunt for new neutral shoes for Seawheeze since the runners I’ve been using I purchased on a whim while torturing my feet walking through New York back in October. They have served me well and my feet aren’t fussy as long as the shoes are neutral and not overly cushioned but after seeing tons of photos on Instagram and Pinterest and the blogosphere and facebook groups I decided to get some Seawheeze specific shoes. Aren’t they beautiful???! I’ve been obsessing like a freak since I first saw them. Like a good half marathon runner I tried the Nike Pegasus shoes in another color at a local running store just to make sure before ordering online since these are not available in Canada. I’ve never run distance in Nikes and was a bit concerned that they wouldn’t suit my needs but they are good at first fit. I’ll be sure to give you a review of them once I’ve done my long run (hopefully on Sunday) and track speed work on Monday morning. If they suck for running they will at least be great for Crossfit and casual wear. My Crossfit shoes are sorely in need of replacing. For some reason my Crossfit Nano’s stink super bad while none of my other runners have bad odour. 

Once I was sure the shoes where good for my feet for running purposes I first made the mistake of ordering on Footlocker.com. Expensive shipping charge to Canada, my order is still in ‘processing’ limbo after 4 business days and a weekend. They assure me my order will at some point complete (they refused to cancel my order) and that I would get an email tonight but that didn’t happen. When my order does finally complete and ship out it will take a minimum of 22 business days to arrive at my doorstep. Mmmhmmm…in 2015. Unfortunately I will be out of town around that time and seawheeze is just around the corner and I need to wear them for a good amount of time before that weekend so I decided to order from Nordstrom (image link below) and they shipped out within 1 day for free and have already arrived at my shipping depot in Blaine (Hagen’s  if you are in the Lower Mainland and wondering) and I’ll be picking them up this weekend. I plan on immediately returning my Footlocker purchase (or passing them on to someone interested in size 9’s) and keeping the Nordstrom ones. Definitely if you are ordering online go the Nordstrom route. Good return policy, good shipping and good customer service. I’ve ordered some items from Nordstrom directly to my home address in Canada but not all of their products are available to ship to Canada.

Nike Pegasus 32 Photosynthesis

Nike Pegasus 32 "photosynthesis"

  1. Hello from a fellow trackie! As a student I work part time at a local running store. The Pegasus are great- definitely the top Nike shoe we sell. Glad you got the Pegasus 32 instead of the 31- they changed the upper quite a bit, and it should hug the foot a bit better. Also, as it's one of their higher cushioned neutral models, it should be supportive enough for all the miles you'll be logging.

    Have you ever gotten your gait analyzed at all at your running store? I may be a bit biased, but it'll definitely help to have that done as they can pick out the best shoe for your body type/feet/gait. Definitely during half training you don't want any discomfort and wanna be in the best shoe for you! 🙂 Let us know how they work out during training!

    1. Hi Alisha, thanks so much for your input! I appreciate it! I have had my gait analysis done twice at the running room and both times I've come up 'neutral' and had New Balance 1600's (using now) and other neutral NB's are what I've always worn. My birkenstock sandals consistently get worn down on the outside ball of my foot within one summer of use so I'm a definite overponator with casual walking. I've never had any shin spints, knee pain, hip pain or piriformis pain at all with running, just slight ankle soreness after my long runs and I have now had my neck go out three times during this season of training which I know is happening after my long runs. My right hip is higher than my left so I do have imbalance. One year I ran in minimal NB runners for a half marathon and that was great for the first 6 miles and then a disaster which I felt in my feet for months after. So I've deducted that I like some cushioning but not too much and I'm fine with neutrals but I do over pronate.

      If these don't work out for my long runs I will stick with the NB's that I have and use my Nike's for casual/crossfit but I am curious to see if I can comfortably wear the Nikes for distance.

  2. Those are cute, lady! I'm not a distance runner, but I love the FlyKnits for just about everything else. Oh, and Nordstrom is the BEST. Best prices, best reputation, and best selection. There's the "Anniversary Sale" starting July 9th, so you may be able to scoop up some more pairs amongst other goodies!

    1. I know, I already have something picked out at the Anniversary Sale and debating on wether I should get a card for early access or just wait it out. Loving the Rag & Bone booties.

  3. So exciting that you got these and for giving the heads up on how to order them if we are in Canada. I so wish I could get a pair too as they are beautiful but it is too difficult for me to ship them to a place over the border and pick them up. Will nordstroms ship directly to Canada?

    1. I haven't tried it so don't have a company to recommend but there are mail forwarding services you could use if you don't know anybody in the US willing to let you use their address and forward for you. Usually how they work is you order it to that address and then that location ships it out to you for a small fee. This is great when the item you have purchased has free shipping so you aren't double paying for shipping.

    2. If you were interested though, the ones I got from Footlocker are size 9's and I paid $160 for them. I can return them to the US store or if someone wanted them I could sell them to you. I'd probably eat the cost of reshipping and mail them out without the box.

  4. OT – i noticed the Warrior tank in the floral sport and bleacher print are half price. Do you happen to know if they still have an issue with the straps from feedback you may have received? I called store and they said they have them and sold many over past month and have not had any returned…yet in some pics I noticed the straps get lopsided or bunched up. Not sure if I should try sizing down – to see if the straps are shorter and does away with issue — since the back is straps, I am thinking it shouldn't be way too tight on rib cage and breasts like some other tops are if I size down (ie wild tank, or any tank with built in bra)….

  5. I haven't heard anything about the straps being faulty. I wouldn't size down in a bra tank though unless you are right in between sizes. This is something I'd probably take a chance on and if you have strap issues I'm pretty sure the store would honour a return for it. Worst case you could sell it for the sale price pretty easily.

    1. thanks so much for the feedback – I ordered a 4 and 6 – to see if straps stay in place in a smaller size, hoping it isn't too tight. I had one last year and returned it because the straps ended up lopsided from movement (I do body pump) but I love the style of the tank so I want to try again. I noticed in one pic the straps were all lopsided but the tank looked really loose – and I am thinking the straps become so loose that they shift all around. I find that with the FTBW…I sized up to an 8 in a couple colours and the straps end up shifting around during the workout, meanwhile the straps on the 6 appear to stay put , I think because they are pulled taut sp?? LOL. I have the CRB in floral print but I kinda like how wide apart the straps are in the front, it makes it look like the model has wider shoulders (not sure much in the crb and the Alama tank hasn't shown up yet in Canada).

    1. Hi Janet, someone messaged me earlier today. I wont get them till around the middle of July so if the other person decides to pass later on I will let you know.

  6. what a joke footlocker or sport check or amazon.ca is! They always disappoint and can learn so much from Nordstrom or Zappos and amazon.com.

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  12. I've been on the chase for new unbiased shoes for Seawheeze since the runners I've been utilizing I obtained spontaneously while tormenting my feet strolling through New York back in October. They have served me well and my feet aren't fastidious the length of the shoes are impartial and not excessively padded but rather in the wake of seeing huge amounts of photographs on Instagram and Pinterest and the blogosphere and facebook bunches I chose to get some Seawheeze particular shoes. Aren't they delightful??

    Jose F. Mendoza

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