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Hong Kong Upload

June 16, 2015

Rest Less Hoodie

Liking this one a lot!

lululemon rest less hoodie

lululemon rest less hoodie

Itty Bitty Halter

lululemon itty bitty halter

lululemon itty bitty halter

Happy Strappy Tank

lululemon happy strappy tank

lululemon happy strappy tank

Ebb To Street Pants Gator Green

lululemon ebb to street pants

lululemon ebb to street pants

Pace Rival Crops

lululemon pace rival crops

Breezy Crop

lululemon breezy crops

Serenity Short

lululemon serenity shorts

Super Squad Short

lululemon super squad short

lululemon super squad short

Sweat Or Not Tank

lululemon sweat or not tank

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6 responses to “Hong Kong Upload”

  1. Sophie says:

    I love that Rest Less hoodie too! Also totally into the gator green ebb to street pants and the iris flower pace rival crops.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Curious, does no one else have issues with crotch sweat showing on colored crops during summer workouts outside? I'd love to get the iris crops but I just know it will look like I peed my pants. That's what I get for living in FL I guess…even shows in some speed shorts sadly.

  3. heather c says:

    I wear light colored stuff and just don't give a shit if my ass sweat shows. I work hard for that sweat… just own it!! (especially in god-awful hot Florida) I've never understood why everyone is worried about it… ?? . then again I don't care what anyone else thinks.
    but I can say that I have never seen butt sweat on someone working out and thought "omg they must have peed their pants".
    I'm sure those purple crops will show sweat. I could see sweat on my black crops today.

  4. Lululover says:

    Heather : lol! I personally don't care about sweat showing either! If you come to my gym you'll see that almost everybod "peed " their pants!

    • heather c says:

      love it! 🙂

      granted….if I were just out and about, walling down the street, I wouldn't particularly want visible ass sweat. but hey…if it's hot, ya gotta just go with it.
      I do doubt that anyone sweats bad enough that it would run down to your knees and actually look like pee had run down the leg….

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