Fit Review: Grapefruit What The Sport Tee

June 22, 2015

Sorry about the weird angle of the photos below but I haven’t picked up a tripod for my iphone yet – soon! I’m trying to take my fit review photos outside so you get a truer color representation but we will have to make due with weird angles until I can get a tripod.

The Grapefruit What The Sport Tee is much more vibrant in person than I expected it would be. When I realized from the international uploads that this color of the What The Sport Tee is circle mesh I assumed that the color would be a bit duller and washed out but actually, in person it is quite pretty and bright. Definitely more of a bright peachy pink than Electric Coral.  I did a fit review here of the Iris WTS Tee which is made out of Seriously Light Luon but this one as I mentioned above is made of mesh. I love how silky and light this one is. I love the softness of the Iris Flower Seriously Light Luon but I’m pretty sure this one is cooler and more breathable for running. Both are keepers in my opinion.

I find these tees TTS just like Love Tees and would have easily taken my CRB size 10 but I actually want an oversized tee in these so I sized up to 12. The mesh material is thinner than the light luon or cotton if you are comparing it to the Love Tee so if you go with a closer fit you may not love how thin the material is. 

Grapefruit What The Sport Tee

Lululemon Grapefruit What The Sport Tee

Lululemon Grapefruit What The Sport Tee

Lululemon Grapefruit What The Sport Tee

Closeup of the mesh material

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4 responses to “Fit Review: Grapefruit What The Sport Tee”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the color! Thank you for all you do on this blog! Fit reviews are so helpful!

  2. Sophie says:

    That material looks really nice! Love the vibrant color too. Thanks for another helpful review!

  3. ryanifer says:

    The color reminds me of a swiftly I have in flash.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This looks lovely on you! I'm holding out hoping the gator green gets uploaded to the canadian site….

    PS – sneaky restock of the Love Tee ii on the Canadian site đŸ˜‰

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