by Cristina

Lululemon Recall Notice

June 26, 2015

By now you’ve probably heard that Health Canada and the US Safety Commission have issued an alert to certain Lululemon Jackets and Hoodies that pose a safety risk because of the elastic drawcords, and you’ve had probably a dozen well meaning and snickering friends share articles on your facebook feed. Or you’ve panicked at the thought of your hoodies being confiscated by the government.  As a result of this alert and mass hysteria, Lululemon has proactively decided to recall the drawcords that are causing the injury and are offering none elastic drawcord replacements if you would like them. Or, you could remove the drawcord altogether and not replace it.  The jackets themselves have not been recalled, you are simply being offered a non lethal version of the drawcord and being made aware of the potential risk in continuing to use an elastic drawstring near your face. If you have a lululemon jacket with an elastic drawcord like this, you’ve probably experienced the searing pain of having the cord fling up at your face, or you’ve said a quick ‘Thank God!’ when it just missed your eye. This alert may seem silly but those elastic drawcords are definitely a hazard if you aren’t careful or aware, especially since they are especially long. I still remember getting hit in the face by one when my I was putting my then three year old daughter into her car seat and the elastic got caught under her. As I pulled away and the elastic drawcord got released it snapped back hitting me in the eyebrow with force. That day, my three year old learned to say ‘MotherF*cker!’.

There is not an exhaustive list that I have seen that shows all of the products affected but I have included some informative photos below to help you identify which items should be replaced if you choose to get a new drawcord. It’s actually really simple to switch over  to a new draw cord. You just attach the new non elastic drawcord to the old one with a safety pin and just pull the old one out until the new one is threaded in entirely. Voila!

Here you can see two drawcords that are elastic. 

Looking at my Dance Studio Jackets I assumed they were also elastic but actually, they are not. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know a lot of people are calling this recall crazy, but as one of the victims, I'm shocked it took so long. I was wearing a Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket in a change room a few years ago. As I bent over to tie my boot, I didn't realize the metal-tipped string was caught, and it snapped back up like a slingshot…into my eye. It tore out 25% of my cornea (two months after laser eye surgery), and was an extremely painful experience. Thankfully, my eye healed well, and there was no permanent damage. I thought it was a freak accident that would only happen to me, but apparently not! I contacted Lulu at the time and let them know what had happened. I refused to purchase any items with the elastic drawstrings from that point forward.

    • lulumum says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. There Has been a lot of minimizing of the situation and joking about it but honestly the potential for serious eye injury is pretty big and it's not a matter of common sense.i knew when it flung back at my face that it was very lucky I didn't get hit in the eye or that it didn't hit my daughter in the eye.

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