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Run Stuff Your Bra and More

May 1, 2015

Run Stuff Your Bra

My Run Stuff Your Bra arrived yesterday and I really like it. It can definitely accommodate and iPhone 6plus in the front pocket in the upper sizes. Mine is a size 10 and the phone fit perfect but if you are a size 2 or 4 a larger phone may not fit. I think it’s not as supportive as the Run For Days Bra but the difference in support is minimal.

Pigment Multi Sculpt Tank, Pace Rival Skirt

Lullaby Swiftly Tech Racerback paired with Pigment Multi;whats-new

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The ontario stores got in the Straight Up bras – which I wanted to try – just for a different strappy look – I wanted Mint Green but they didn't get that colour (yet I hope). They got a FTBW that is pale orange with gray straps – not sure what this is or if ed was mixing it up with an old colour? I guess I will have to wait for Tuesday for yellow and purple tanks and the magenta swiftly. She told me they got lots of tencel (aka pj) stuff in …i was hoping for a crb or srb to "appear" in with their replenishment as the mist green did, but not this time. PS I do love the hightimes multi colour more and more. Our store got in the inspire crop in the print but I think I am going to stick with the high times – they are cool looking with the strips of different colours across front of leg. My pair has one strip in solid fushia and another in solid black..and the rest are mixed — gonna return sculpt in that print and hold out for another summer colour — maybe a solid, or the black/white version of it! Still undecided on Heat wave crop and CRB, not sure which to keep – maybe crop so I can wear my many bright solid colour tanks with it…and I have to decide if I am keeping the regal plum crops with the mesh. I have been waiting for regal plum in WUC….not sure how much longer I can hold on to stuff. I like the iredescent crop too but I have the curious jungle skirt and the colours are so similar. I wore the fresco LS swiftly with the curious jungle skirt and wow did the colour pop – especially since print has a tiny bit of blue, pink and mint in it. Can't wait to try the sea mist CRB with print!

  2. Anonymous says:

    OT but what has everyone experienced with the Sport Singlet. I have 2 at home but debating to return – 1 fresco blue and 1 blue tropics. I have waited for a CRB or SRB in colour as I prefer the thickness and compression – however I am losing hope that we will get those colours. Now they have electric coral too —- I did size down as I want a more fitted look but the fabric seems so thin that I am thinking it will cling to me especially if I sweat — or cling to my mummy tummy. Has anyone found that to be the case? I guess I could always try one and if it looks horrible after a sweaty workout then I can return it…..i find CRBs and SRBs don't seem to show sweat too badly and they can be bunched up a little around the tummy to "conceal" bumps…..

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