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Product Drop Monday: Store Photo Survey

May 11, 2015

Thanks so much to Ms. R for sharing her store finds today in Vancouver!

In Flux Jacket in Jewelled Magenta

This jacket is gorgeous in person in this color. I’d not been interested in the Flux Jacket until I saw it in this color. Now I must try it. 

Water: Salty Swim Dress

Water: Surf Shorts

Jet Crop Slim

I might be very interested in these. They are funky but they’d look cute with a black tank and dressy sandals. 

Om Pant

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5 responses to “Product Drop Monday: Store Photo Survey”

  1. Cwags says:

    Hi there what is your opinion on the Om pant for sizing? Would I take my true to size in these? They look comfy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Normally, I only wear black because I am boring. However, I do like the new print on the Om pants – which I have and love in black. I hope the print comes out in a loose tank.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the in flux jacket!! Thinking of exchanging the jewelled magenta define for it. Not really a fan of the heathered look anyway

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