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Fit Review and Product Drop Monday:

May 18, 2015

Clarity Yellow Run Stuff Your Bra

Yay! My store had the new Clarity Yellow Run Stuff Your Bra. I’ve been doing my Seawheeze Training in my Run Stuff Your Bra and my Run For Days Bra and I love them both. They are so awesome for stashing my iphone 6 plus and whatever else I need to travel with. 

 Inner Esscence Skirt shown in my TTS 10

This skirt was cute for going to the pool as a cover up or a casual kicking around skirt. I like it a lot better than the City Skirt which just doesn’t work for pear shapes and has the weird duck tail in the back. This one is vitasea so I would only purchase if I can find my size up since it is a bit clingy in the front and my rule with Vitasea dresses and skirts is always size up. It just drapes and flows better that way. My TTS felt very comfortable and I could easily move around without it riding up but I just need that extra bit of fabric over the hip area I think. My store only had these up to size 10 so I’ll be curious to try a 12 on if it uploads tomorrow. 

 The waist band on this skirt is pretty comfortable but I don’t love the big flashy logo. I’d wear it with my shirt over top. 

City Jogger shown in my TTS 10

These pants were so terrible for me. I love the tencil fabric for pants and crops in the summer and I have a few older style crops from previous years that have worn really well. They are just nice and airy and dressier than swift and more forgiving. The black does fade a bit but it fades pretty evenly so it gets that matte silk look to it over time.  These City Joggers are a terrible style for me though. The waist band is TIGHT and I struggled to get it up over my hips since there is pretty much zero stretch,  but once I did get them on the pleats puckered in the weirdest way on me. They also have slim fitting cuffed hems which I think are too narrow to pull up and scrunch up. I think they pretty much have to be worn long.  These are overall pretty slim fitting pants with little stretch so unless you are very narrow hipped I would size up in them.  

Tracker Short III

New Dottie Dash Tracker Shorts in Clarity Yellow. These where pretty cute but I already have my Seawheeze Tracker Shorts and one other pair and I don’t need more run shorts than that.

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2 responses to “Fit Review and Product Drop Monday:”

  1. stylistadiva1 says:

    That waistband totally ruins and cheapens the look of the skirt IMO, because it reminds me of men's underwear. It's too bad since I love Vitasea fabric and the look of the skirt on. It takes away from the versatility of the item since you can't 'pull it on after practice' unless you're wearing a long enough top to cover it, couldn't use it as a swimsuit cover-up because of the hideous waistband, can't wear it with crop tops which are big for summer.

    • Kate42735 says:

      @stylistadiva … totally agree with your comment regarding the waistband on the new skirt … supposed to be a high waist fit but I would never wear anything even partially tucked in with a waistband like that … too bad as cute skirt otherwise ….

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