Here is some graphic released today for Seawheeze 2015. I’m almost certain that this years big theme is kinetic energy and the idea of micro changes creating larger changes. The lower photo in this post was released by the Lulu Lab which did some watercolor on photopaper (loved painting on photo paper in art school!). To me the lower photo reminds me a lot of weather charts. Doesn’t the logo sort of look like a cyclone? or a paredeidolia weather image? Seawheeze themes are usually really big ideas with wide focus so I wouldn’t base my expectations on just a few glimpes of items because they will go on a full out tangent on this idea and probably have a few different artist ‘visions’ for prints and colors. By the way, shorts are due to mail out on April 20th which is earlier than prior years. Exciting!! I’m still at around 3 miles and haven’t bothered ramping up yet but I will soon.


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