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Pigment Multi and Iridescent Multi Inspire Crops, Wake & Flow Camisole, Cardi In The Front

April 27, 2015

Pigment Multi Inspire Crops

Pigment Multi and Iridescent Multi Inspire Crops

Iridescent Multi Inspire Crops

Wake & Flow Camisole

I really like the idea of this tank, and especially this blue color, but it is obviously cut way too long in the straps so that it MUST be worn with a sports bra or tank underneath. 

Cardi In The Front, Blissed Out Pants, Wake & Flow Camisole

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5 responses to “Pigment Multi and Iridescent Multi Inspire Crops, Wake & Flow Camisole, Cardi In The Front”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The wrinkly Tencel back totally ruins this cardigan. Furthermore, why would I buy a dowdy-looking cardigan for $148 from Lululemon.

  2. janine57 says:

    I think the cardi in the front is cute but I dislike it when you can see through the item and see the pockets.

  3. Beth says:

    As a knitter that cardigan is just ugh. I would never knit that nevertheless pay $150 for it. I'm sure there are folks who it appeals to though.

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