1. I found a hit your stride skirt in vaughn mills ontario store. They only had black. Hoping there are other colours uploaded tuesday. I did size down as it fits like the pleat to street skirt.

  2. The Boston Marathon pieces are amazing. I wish they'd put stuff like this out to the regular public. I understand the 'race specific' mentality, but still wish they'd do it since you know they will be up on ebay for insane amounts of $.

    1. I understand why you'd want these pieces available for the regular public, but i think it's only fair for the racers. You have to qualify for Boston (usually a very fast time), train for months and months, you race, you get the shirt. Simple as that.

    2. The Boston pieces are for sale to everyone in boston area stores, they aren't only available to registered marathoners. They're already out and the marathon isn't until the 20th so my guess is people coming to boston to run probably won't have a have to get them because they'll be sold out but then but they're a money making collectible item for all of the tourists and Bostonians who want to show some Boston Marathon spirit. For the next month you will see people all over the city in their marathon gear whether they ran or not. The items pictures in this post are available to anyone shopping a boston area store. To the locals, that is like saying you can't wear a celtics jersey the basketball game because you aren't on the team. I get what you're saying about exclusivity for marathoners but it's not what these were produced for

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