Fit Review: Pigment Multi Sculpt Tank

I picked up the Pigment Multi Sculpt Tank yesterday anticipating not liking the Inspire Crops and wanting *something* in this print. I’m not sure I like the design of this tank. The swift material is soft, light and silky feeling but something about the cut of the armholes and the high neckline I’m just not feeling. I don’t think I’d gravitate to this over a CRB for a run or workout but I do like that it looks nice as casual wear. If I wear it for running, the neckline is so high that I wouldn’t be able to use the pockets in my Run For Days Bra. The length is perfect I think, and the material is stretchy and flowy without being baggy. I don’t know….what do you guys think? Have you liked the Sculpt Tank? 

Pigment Multi Sculpt Tank  TTS

  1. I got this one and i love it. I was kind of scared coz of the print, but it is a very nice color and I love how it fits me. I think it would look great on you if you sized up 😀

  2. I've tried on the sculpt tank and felt the same way, it's ok but I know I have other favorite tank designs that id grab instead so I decided against it. I think the inspires are much better as they pair well with plain or bright tops and I try to keep crazy patterns like this away from the face and as bottoms.

  3. I returned the one I got – I want to be as cool as possible when I run, and the neckline was too high for that. Also the material felt a little off to me in the color I got – not that soft or silky.

  4. I tried the sculpt tank when it first came out and wasn't all that sure, then the prints started coming so I revisited the tank and found it very comfy and more flattering than I had initially felt. I now own it in several prints including the pigment multi and really thinks it's going to be my summer staple paired with my new favorite skirt..the Pave Rival. I tried on the print in the Inspire Crop last night at my local lulu and didn't feel that it flattered my legs. I find big inconsistent prints tough for me to do in bottoms. I ended up getting the inspire crop in both the iridescent and the animal swirl.

  5. By the way, I think the sculpt tank looks really great on you!
    Did you stay TTS? I tried my size up and TTS and ended up keeping my TTS..which in tanks is an 8..most other tops I do in a 10 but did size down in the recent weekend LS

  6. I think it looks great on you!! I have a slight frame with no curves so it swallowed me up….It doesn't have much shape by itself but the right body will give it shape. I initially bought 2 of them but sold one off, I'm keeping the other one for my bloated days when my usual Power Y's won't do. I loved the prints it came in.

  7. I share your sentiment re the armholes! I ordered it online when it first came out and got my usual size, it fit well all over except for the hip area. Had a strange gathering that would have required me to size up… however the arm holes did nothing but accentuate side boob from my allsports bra. Overall wasn't a keeper at full price, though it may be a great find of WMTM as casual wear.

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