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Fit Review: Pigment Multi Inspire Crops

April 27, 2015

I really like the Pigment Multi print but never expected to like a white background print like this in Inspire Crops or feel comfortable in them. I took a chance today and grabbed them in store (I only had 5 minutes to run in and out) and as soon as I got home I tried them on expecting not to like them. Holy moly I LOVE them! They are quite thick and pretty opaque. You can subtly see the tag in the back as it’s pressed up against the material, but you can’t see thru the material to what color underwear I’m wearing or any kind of shadowing. I expected that on a white background print it would show lumps and bumps but the thickness of the material really smoothes that all over. The only nit about them is that the print does stretch out to fade in certain areas (my upper thighs) but you can only really see that in the black portions of the print. I’m willing to live with that in these but that may really bother you. These are definitely keepers for me. I also grabbed the Pigment Multi Sculpt Tank but  between the two, I definitely like these better so the Sculpt Tank may go back. And actually, between the Tracker III Shorts and these I prefer the Inspire Crops.  I’m hoping we see a CRB in this print as well. 

Pigment Multi Inspire Crops Full On Luxtreme,  TTS 10

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6 responses to “Fit Review: Pigment Multi Inspire Crops”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I really didn't care for them until I saw them on you! They look great on you!

    • Anonymous says:

      they look sharp with the black tee – makes the colours pop. Outfit looks really good on you. I am hoping they also have them in WUC – but will buy the high times they featured on what we love – just to ensure I have a pair – and then I can wait for the following week to see if WUC come out. I had been told by an ed that they no longer have a 2 week return period. Then the other day I went to return something from 2 months ago at another store and they said sorry its past 2 weeks. I said the educator told me different -so I am confused. The manager stepped in and said we will accept it on core items – which was what I was returning – but really – how do i know core items from regular. I think the 2 week period should be extended. I know they don't want old stock back, but there is always someone who will buy it if it was a hot item. Or they may end up with people intentionally damaging to be able to return an item… I don't know if that educator was wrong – even when I said really – she said yes, they just started doing it!!!

    • Lulumum says:

      Thanks! I did not expect they would be very flattering on someone 'curvalicious' like me but I love them and I really think they look great on. Super smoothing over my bumpy bits.

    • Lulumum says:

      Thanks! Yah I hadn't considered the High Times or WUC's before in this print but I think if they do come out in Roll Down WUC's and they are this same thick Full On Luxtreme I'd have to consider them. I prefer the waist of the hight times/roll downs to the Inspires but I like how the black swoosh on the calves frames out the print a bit.

      As far as the return period, I don't think they've formally changed it but they have definitely relaxed their returns and now have a statement on the receipts saying they want the customer happy with performance and will return items if they don't live up to expectation…or something like that. It's still officially a 2 week return period, and unofficially, unrestricted. I guess it is at their discretion. I don't see them taking back something a year or two old but something a bit over the return period, or something falling apart prematurely I don't think they'd scoff at.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those really look great on you! I skipped over them thinking they were too busy but you changed my mind – fun and super flattering!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the fit review lulumum!! Im a size 8 & although I loved the print I didn't think they would look nice on a curvier person! They look amazeballs on you & i ordered mine right away! Im in love with them & will definetly show them off! Super flattering & NO SHEER!!!

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