1. I just purchased the new textured state WUC I love them..super stretchy and comfy..NOT roll down but I really like them a lot..it may be possible for people to size down as they are very stretchy and not super compressive IMO. I also got to see the Devi crew in the black and the gray stripe which is much heavier than the back ..cuter on than I thought it would be but at $138 for a cotton sweater ..ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! No thanks! Not sure what they are thinking but it will hit mark down sooner than later. I also got the Hawk Blue WUC tonight and love them..very opaque and nicely thick!

    I also tried the retreat dress..did not love especially at $128..actually looked like something I could find at Target..It does have silverecent in it for anti stick but still too expensive IMO for what it is. Back was cute with a CRB under

  2. I wanted the Devi Crew the first time I saw it on the HK site, and patiently waited for a North American debut. A Nordstrom Rack recently opened in my area, and I ended up purchasing a Sanctuary sweater that looks very similar to the cream colored Devi, and it was only $50. I'm glad I got it then, b/c I did not know the Devi crew was going to be $138! And it looks so short on the girls in the photos! It will probably look like children's clothing on me. Was planning on getting the black version, too, but it's a definite pass for me…which is a good thing for my wallet since I spent way too much during theBloomingdale's friends and family sale 🙁

  3. Banana Republic also has a sweater similar to the Devi Crew that comes in white or a light blue. They have promotional discounts regularly so it is also less pricey than the LLL one.

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