1. I got the plum in flux today and it is amazing! That photo from the store looks more like black cherry but it could just be the lighting. I would be on cloud nine if it came in black cherry!!!!!!

    1. I tried it on in plum too. I am a 6 or 8 in tops (I just take whichever size is available in the color I want, mostly) and went with an 8 in this. I have to wear a 10 in the dance studio jacket due to the pinching it causes at my bust where the Swift and ribbing meet. The 8 in the In Flux is a little big in my arms but is comfortable and flattering everywhere else. I could not zip the 6 comfortably over my chest but I'm hypersensitive to having things tight in the bust/chest because I'm nursing a baby. All in all I would say it is "more" tts than the dance studio jacket which for me is a size up one or two sizes item.

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