1. I'm actually liking the we like to cardi. Not liking the inflated price, but like the item. I was initially going to buy the In flux crops, however I decided to wait and tryon in-store. Not sure about the high waist and if the roll down will stay put. Also if it might make the rear sag.

  2. I saw the we like to cardi in store and it looks like a cheap knit sweater in reality. Wasn't at all interested in it after that. I tried the In the flux crops too. I like the style but not the high waist band for me. If it was rolled down, it looked better. They fit TTS.

  3. I tried on the in flux crops as well and didn't buy yet. Couldn't decide. I like a high waist but this was almost too loose and felt like a maternity pant. Still unsure. Anybody else try these on? Kind of had the same opinion about the street to studio pants. I liked them but there was something not quit right.. Any opinions on both of these would be great since I love the material. Do you think we will see the regular studio crops again?

    1. I tried on the Flux pants and liked them but only in black. In the green they looked too puffy/baggy in areas and you could see all the seam work and the transition of fabric from swift to the waistband so those definitely looked like maternity pants. The black ones though were a lot more slimming and streamlined looking and when I photographed the two on the difference was night and day. I love them in black but probably won't get any other colors in it. I needed something thin and light though for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas so these are perfect for that. The S2S I tried on last year (different waist) and I didn't care for them. I felt like I had diaper waist/butt and they were too long to feel breezy/casual.

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