by Cristina


February 3, 2015

Upload is up, here is the link for you.

I’m still scoping out the upload but so far I picked up the Rise & Shine Jacket yesterday (love!) and loving the Sea Mist one too. I’m checking out the Neon Pink Swiftly, the Moody Mirage Free To Be, the Harbour Blue Inspires….so many things. Lots of US items I’m coveting but I’ll have to wait until they get to Canada. How about you, where you tempted by jackets galore today or something different? 

Rise & Shine Jacket CAD only

How did I miss these, Pace Pusher Crops 

Fo Drizzle Jacket CAD and US

Rain On Jacket CAD and US

Moody Mirage Free To Be CAD only

Miss Misty Jacket US only

Find Your Bliss Jacket US only

The Bomb Bomber Jacket US

Pace Pusher Long Sleeve CAD

Heathered Rainforest US only

High Mileage Duffel US

Vintage Pink Speed Shorts CAD

Raspberry Glo Speed Shorts US

Harbour Blue Speed Shorts US

Street To Studio Pants US 

Inspire Crops in Harbour Blue CAD only

Heathered Neon Pink Swiftly CAD

Canada and US

Adjustable All Sport Bra US only

Breezy Skirt for US

Chevron Heathered Vintage Pink for CAD

Blushed Illusion Run Times Shorts US

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8 responses to “Upload!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where are the new CRB's?? Black cherry and silver stripe?

  2. Robyn Lewis says:

    Canada got that ugly find your bliss jacket

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where are the free to be wild bras! I was really hoping for vintage pink one! Has anyone actually seen it in Canada!

  4. Michelleb72 says:

    Canada got the "find your bliss jacket" I ordered it & "the rise & shine jacket" also … Happy lady

  5. Lululover says:

    Nothing of interest for me

  6. stylistadiva1 says:

    The pace pusher crops look interesting, but I'm holding out for the moody mirage – hoping that will come out in a run tight not just WUs. Where's all the peach plum stuff (energy bra, shorts, etc.?!). Was hoping we'd see more of what's on Australia's website popping up for this upload.
    My last rant is how come the breezy skirt hasn't hit (Canadian) stores when it's been on all countries' uploads?! Just frustrated with LLL's lack of consistency.

  7. heather c says:

    why can't the solid speeds be solid?! that black trim kinda ruins the blue speeds.

  8. Anonymous says:

    completely support Stylistadiva1's rant regarding the breezy skirt. I wanted that skirt for my honeymoon coming up but I thought I would wait until it arrived in stores as I wasn't sure what size. Regret!!! Also hoping the moody mirage comes in high times, and where is our all white FTBW?? The us got it on their upload two weeks ago!!
    Okay, ranting done with….lol..

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