Thanks to Ms. S for the photo of the new Moody Mirage Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. I definitely want these! I expect they will upload tonight, hopefully for both US and Canada. 

A different pair with different pattern placement/color distribution

Vintage Pink Pace Pusher Long Sleeve

  1. OMG! Good point on the black crotch. EW.

    I'll have to make sure mine don't look like that! Prob need to wear pinks so the crops don't look so drab either.

  2. I tried on the vintage pink pace pusher LS last's ok but for me the light luon is too sheer/thin and shows too many imperfections (after 5 babies I don't have a rock hard bod, LOL despite working on it 5/6 days per week) …I am sure it will work for others and it is a beautiful color. However I noticed spots on the vintage pink that looked worn (sueded) which was strange.

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