My store had the new Rise & Shine Jackets in today in Mystic Jungle, Toothpaste (I think that’s the color name) and Black. From photos I wasn’t sure I would like this print in person but as I walked in all the eds where trying it on and it looked so good on everyone that I decided to give it a chance. In person it is definitely more vibrant than the standard camo we saw in this jacket so I’m happier with this one than I would have been with Savasana Camo. One of the eds mentioned she has the Savasana Camo but likes this one much better. I tried on my TTS 10 and a size 12 (My Spring Fling Jacket is a size up 12) and I definitely liked my tts best. The size up didn’t look bad at all, it was looser and longer in the hip, it was just really roomy in the arms and chest for me. I’m wearing a RULU long sleeve under this and it didn’t feel bunchy. My store also had the Inkwell and Black Fo Drizzle Jacket. 

Rise & Shine Jacket


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