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Nothing much for me tonight. I ordered the Ebb & Flow Bra in Alberta Lake to try on since my store never got them in in the first round last year and I doubt they will get it this year. I scored a Resolution Hobo from my store on Saturday and it was the only one they had. When I brought the bag home to see if my laptop would sit in it nicely I discovered it actually fit inside the inner zip up pocket which is slightly padded as well, and it looks adorable cross-body as well. I’ve been needing a cross shoulder bag that would hold my laptop that I could also use as a day trip bag/carry on bag. Love it, love it! Now I have to sell my Keep On Running Duffel to make a place for the Hobo Bag. I was hoping Canada would get the new Studio Racers we saw earlier today (Heathered Fatigue and Lotus Camo) but no luck. What did you order tonight? 

Resolution Hobo  US
FYI, the inner zip pocket of this bag holds a 13″ laptop perfectly and is lightly padded.

Gym To Win Duffel US

Both Ways Bomber  CAD

Just Breathe Long Sleeve  US

Just Breathe Long Sleeve CAD

Just Breathe Crop US

Just Breathe Crop CAD

Conductor Stripe Alberta Lake Roll Down Wunder Under Crops CAD

Just Breathe Pant  US

Just Breathe Pant CAD

High Times Pant Lotus Camo 

Speed Tight Lotus Camo CAD

Roll Down Wunder Under Pant CAD 

Relaxed Fit Pant CAD

Love these! Glad they are making a comeback

Just Breathe Tank US

Just Breathe Tank CAD

Mesh With Me Tank US

Chevron Shuffle US

Canada finally got the High Times Pant in Black Camo

US got the Deep Camo High Times Crops

Lotus Camo Inspire Crops US

Inspire Tight Chevron Shuffle US

Run Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip Fatigue US

Bonded Bra US

Ebb and Flow Bra US

Seek The Heat Short US

Oh-M-G look at this beauty of a sweater under the Mudra Scarf

Run Times Shorts Chevron Shuffle US

Hot Hot Shorts CAD

Hot Hot Shorts US

Evolution Leg Warmer US

Free To Be Wild Bra US

New print is called Fresh Fleur Neutral Blush

  1. Luv your blog, Lulumum! Especially with your new tweeks! Your hardwork is appreciated by lulu hard core fans like me!
    May I ask what color resolution bag did you wind up with? I am debating between black & the atomic floral pattern. Just fear the floral pattern may easily become dirty.

    1. Awe!!! Thanks for letting me know. Especially good to hear after a long 'upload tuesday' blogging day when my back is killing me from being at my desk. lol!

      I got the Atomic Flower and really love it. It's so pretty, but not especially light. I love that it is matte and denimy looking.

    1. weird about the fading. There is a picture from earlier today where the new chevron print is doing the same. Maybe fabric printer problems at that factory.

    2. I suspect the chevron fade is intentional. I got the chevron towel a few weeks ago and the print is faded in areas. if you look at photos online, same thing. so I think it's intentional. stupid.

  2. Where's the Just breathe and studio tank in animal print for Canada? Why hasn't the resolution hobo hit Canadian stores yet? What is up with all these DELAYS?!

  3. What's the difference between Inspire Tights and regular Inspires? I was thinking about getting those new ones in Chevron print but then noticed they are Tights. Tnk you!

    1. The Inspire Tights are 7/8th length (ankle) and I believe the same length as the High Times Crops while the Inspire Crops are a true crop and hit above the ankle.

  4. Thanks for all your reviews lulumum. After reading this fits a laptop I ordered the hobo and it is perfect for what I need!

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