January 6, 2015

Upload link

This is a pretty stellar upload (for Canada at least. Although US didn’t get a total snub). Or at least a great upload compared to the past several weeks of slow uploads. Makes sense though since this is the first January upload. I’m loving the Alberta Lake Fluffed Up Vest and the Lotus Camo Inspire Crops, and the Resolution Hobo…and..and..the Deep Wren and Dark Cherry High Times Pants. Lots of goodies to choose from. I ended up ordering the Fluffed Up Vest and the Inspires since I have a pile of ‘maybe’ returns in my entry way that I’ve suddenly become decisive on.

What did you think of the upload? Did you order anything? 

Fluffed Up Vest US
Fluffed Up Vest CAD

Resolution Hobo CAD

Let’s Get Visible Hoodie US
Let’s Get Visible Hoodie CAD

Run Inspire Crop US
Run Inspire Crop  CAD

Run Inspire Crop Lotus Camo CAD

Alberta Lake Roll Down Wunder Unders US

Runaway Jacket US

Runaway Jacket CAD

Let’s Get Visible Vest US
Let’s Get Visible Vest CAD

Deep Wren Define Jacket

Black Camo High Times Crops US

High Times Pant Black Cherry US

High Times Pant Black Cherry CAD

Deep Wren High Times Pant CAD

Scuba Hoodie US

Animal Swirl Wunder Under Crops US

Run Speed Shorts Lotus Camo US

Cool Racerback US

Cool Racerback CAD

Alberta Lake Animal Swirl Festival Bag CAD

Wild Tank CAD
Wild Tank US

Essence Tank US

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16 responses to “Upload!”

  1. I ordered the animal print WUC. They look so cute. I hope they're not sheer or shiny.

    Cristina, do you know if Dark Wren was a previously released color? I have WUC from 2-3 years ago that look similar to Soot, but they're not a complete match. Dark Wren looks similar to Soot.

    • Lulumum says:

      There was a previous release of 'wren' and it was a dark greeny/brown quite different from soot I believe. I think it's closer to fatigue than it is to soot even though fatigue is much greener.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi LLA. Any chance you have any thoughts on the wave inspires/tights? Thank you!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the US had a fantastic upload too. I ordered the black cherry high times pants and the wren Wild Tank. I'm still thinking about a few more items–especially the wren Define. BTW LLM, the US only got the Black Cherry High Times, not the Wren ones in solid colors. We did get the Wren WUPs though.

    • Lulumum says:

      Thanks! I'll fix those links.
      That Wren Define is calling to me too. If the exchange rate wasn't so bad for us in Canada I'd be tempted to order off the US side. and LOVE the Wren Wild Tank the most out of all of them.

  4. JacallyL says:

    Omg I want those lotus camo inspires!! Do you think the us will get them? I ordered the black cherry high times and the fluffed up vest in alberta lake

  5. Lulumum did Canada get the Alberta lake wunder under roll down and I just missed them?? 🙁

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did Canada get the lotus camo speeds and animal swirl WUCs? I didn't see them.

  7. Samantha says:

    I thought the US upload was lacking 🙁 But, I did like the Alberta Lake roll down WUP, but I swear I saw what looked like Alberta Lake run crops in one of your postings a week or so ago. There were longer, maybe even longer than inspires. Those are what I'm waiting for!! Also liked the blue came inspires, but those are in Canada…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I ordered the Fluffed Up vest in Alberta Lake for myself, a black one for my daughter for her upcoming birthday (looks like the Canadian site loaded some returns – either that or I'll get an order cancellation), the Alberta Lake Festival bag and the High Times in both Black Cherry and Deep Camo. I only intend to keep one of them, but since some colours are sheer I thought I'd be safe and order the two. I'll probably return Deep Camo. I was toying with returning my Inkwell Fluffed Up vest (still has the tags on and I have until the 11th), but I tried it on last night and don't think I can part with it; it's just too flattering.

    I really didn't need the Festival Bag, but I do love the two I have. My daughters sometimes borrow them too. I'm ok with adding another colour (or two or three if I love them) to the rotation. I'm sorry I missed Earl Grey and Love Red, but I'm not willing to pay eBay prices for them.

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