Awesome reader Ms. R has shared her store finds. She saw all of the new Just Breathe Items, and these new Roll Down Wunder Under Crops in Alberta Lake/Neutral Blush stripe. We first saw these crops on the Honk Kong site a few weeks ago but I just went to check them out to confirm color/pattern name and it’s no longer there. They are super cute and since they are roll downs I’m definitely interested. 

Both Ways Bomber

My store had these in today too and I was about to try one on when I saw the price tag of $198. It’s a substantial jacket with nice satin trim, reversibility, reflectivity and knit front panels. It’s just not me. I really like the reverse side fabric with the Atomic Flower Print so I hope we see a nice simple jacket in that print. Ms. R tried it on in both a size down and two sizes down and both looked good on her. 


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