I wanted to show you my new Deep Wren Dance Studio Jacket and Boom Juice Cool Racerback that just arrived but I can’t seem to capture a good color photo of the jacket. The Cool Racerback is true to the color of this picture but the Jacket is more brown than is showing. It’s quite pretty in person because the zipper pull lulu logo is gold, and the hood cinch hardware is rose gold. I don’t always care for mixing of hardware color but sometimes depending on what color it’s on, it works really well together. I really liked the rose gold/gold/silver hardware on the Camo Festival Bag. In this case it is  also very striking. 

The Boom Juice CRB is a bit on the thin side but it is opaque and I’d definitely feel comfortable wearing it to the gym. It’s about the same thinness as Rich Earth (shockingly my last CRB purchase in October!). I love the color paired with Wren/Deep Wren/Deep Camo so I’m going to keep it for that purpose. Those colors are made for each other I think. The coral pink color is also really complexion flattering.

Deep Wren Dance Studio Jacket, Boom Juice Cool Racerback

  1. I got the deep wren DSJ as well but what bugs me about it is the hardware! What is up with the rose gold clasps, silver zipper and gold lulu logo zipper pull? It seems so disjointed. I love the jacket itself but the hardware is giving me pause.

  2. I can't really get a good idea of the color, but the jacket itself looks fantastic on you. Great cut, and very flattering.

  3. My Boom Juice CRB arrived yesterday; I'm wearing it today with my Deep Camo HT and a long black sweater/wrap. I wouldn't have thought of pairing these colours, so thank you. I like the BJ with Deep Camo as well. I so love CRBs; I hope we get more brights for spring/summer.

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