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Free To Be Wild Bra, Lotus Camo Inspire Crops, and Clarity Vest II, Time Warp Tight

January 16, 2015

If you are hoping to score the Vintage Pink/Raspberry Glo Free To Be Wild Bra, call around to your local stores and even surrounding stores. Lululemon stores are now doing free store shipping (Country specific I believe) which is great since ‘angeling’ is out in full force on these ones depleting stock which is pretty unnecessary. Why not just get free shipping and not have to pay a tip if you can get it directly from your stores. Or wait for upload and save yourself the stress.  I wish the stores would set quantity limits on items like these instead of just handing over full stock right out of the box to bulk buyers. Super annoying, especially if your usual store is one you have to share with several angels. 

Free To Be Wild, Lotus Camo Inspire Crops

From Australia website: Clarity Vest II, Time Warp Tight

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7 responses to “Free To Be Wild Bra, Lotus Camo Inspire Crops, and Clarity Vest II, Time Warp Tight”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love that the stores finally allow us to call , pay for the item, and offer shipping. I have taken advantage of this since mid-December (esp in the midst of the holiday craze). However, since January ; two stores I called started to impose shipping charges on my final bill to ship the item to me.
    I really didn't mind the shipping charges (about $10 for a WUP) if the item is no longer or was never in stock online. I don't live near a store and I refuse to pay exorbitant ebay prices on Lulu items . I'd also save on gas driving to the closest Lulu (far-away) or driving to different lulu stores in hopes to purchase one HTF item in my desired size/color .
    Do some stores impose shipping fees & others don't? Maybe the shipping fees are to discourage those ebay hoarders?
    Hopefully, this measure will curtail outrageous pricing on ebay on treasured Lulu items. It also gives us a chance to secure items that are stocked only in a few US select stores.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was excited for a new run vest, because I haven't liked the last several and really need a new one, but this one is yet another disappointment. what's with the giant armholes??? It would be a must buy for me if it had smaller ones. Sigh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Free shipping from stores to my home? wow – they have never offered that – I will have to ask. I am a 45 min or 1 hr drive away, so that would save me gas!

    • Lulumum says:

      I just called a Seattle area store this afternoon and they agreed they could do a free charge/send to me. But then when I asked if they would do one to Canada they said no. Oh well.

  4. Lululover says:

    OT: LLA or anybody else who saw Power Date blazer in stores. I just read a review about power date dress and the person mentions that she wore it with PDB. I really wanted it, it never made it to my store. I'm so bummed!

  5. Lisa says:

    I agree about the angelling. I've been so frustrated the last month with the LARGE purchases by one person…. we stand no chance in this area to get any of the good deals or sought after items. I work full time and would be happy to make a trip (45-1hr) if I thought I stood a chance at getting something, but I dont. (Like the GW that were recently here, or the $34 mind and body kits). They really need to put a limit per person and not allow them to come back.
    Good to know about the shipping, I'll have to try it out.

    • Lulumum says:

      I really wish those two stores especially would crack down. If I make the effort to drive an hour (and then an hour back) and pay for parking to the only store that has all colors in something while the other stores do not, or an item that other stores don't carry (because it is the flagship after all), I at least want to stand some chance of being able to buy that item.

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