Sorry for the dark photos but I wanted to show you the new Heathered Textured Lotus Camo High Times Pant as a comparison to my fit report of the Inspire Crops in the same print. I have to choose between the two and I think I’m going to go with the High Times since it has the waistband I prefer, and the seaming is a bit more subtle, especially in the back. I think they both have the light blue seams but the High Times aren’t as glaring since it doesn’t have quite so much contrasting seams.  I also find the Inspire Crops to have a bit more sheen to them since they are luxtreme, and the HT’s aren’t quite so polyestery. Usually the printed luon is in the 94-98% polyester range but these are only 88% and feel nice. These are size 8 on me and they are pretty opaque with the exception of slightly being able to see the hang tag in a deep bend. I take a size 10 in Inspire Crops. 

  1. I'm excited to see that this print is coming in the High Times Pant..I also really like the Inspire Crop so I will check both out 🙂
    I have to size down in the High Times Pant as well..
    OT but I was at my local store tonight and they informed me that the New High Times Pant in Atomic Flower has been recalled DUE TO SHEERNESS…they pulled them from their shelves today.

  2. Hey LLM, just thought you'd like to know that the Deep Camo shade of the HT is also made in Canada and is fully opaque. I ordered both Black Cherry and Deep Camo last week and only expected to keep one of them. Nope, not possible.

    The Black Cherry are not quite as opaque as the Deep Camo in a full squat. At the risk of TMI, I was wearing black underwear when trying them on and I can very faintly make out the darker outline in BC in a deep squat. They're far from sheer and I'm keeping them, but I will wear nude underwear with them just in case.

    No more of these for awhile, no matter how much I love them. I can only wear so many pairs.

    I like the Heathered Lotus HT on you, but I have to say I thought the Inspires looked even better. Hard choice to be sure.

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